Simple Gudetama Easter Cupcakes

After a (very) long blogging hiatus, I’m back! I could bore you with why I stopped blogging for so long, but instead I’m going to tell you how I created some simple, Gudetama Easter cupcakes.

Gudetama (AKA The Lazy Egg) is a popular Japanese character, created by Sanrio. I thought that seeing as he is an egg,  that he’s perfect for some Easter Cupcakes!

Easy Gudetama Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakesI took a short cut with my Easter cupcakes and just used the chocolate Betty Crocker cupcake mix.

For the Gudetama cupcake toppers I used:

  • Darrell Lea BB’s Chocolate Honeycomb balls
  • Wilton white candy melts
  • Chefmaster 2 Pack Dual Tip Decorating pens- Black, from Spotlight

First I chopped my Chocolate honeycomb balls in half, for the yolk. I used a serrated knife for this and didn’t have too much trouble, but there were a few casualties, due to the candy shell cracking.

Then I drew on my little Gudetama faces on the yolks and let them dry. The ‘ink’ in the pen is just food colouring, but if you don’t like artificial dyes you could pipe the faces on with chocolate or dark chocolate, so it’s closer to black.

I melted my white candy melts in the microwave, using my Wiltshire chocolate melting pot…they are no longer available, but I found a similar one on The Goodguys site. They are so quick and easy. I then poured the melted candy melts into a ziplock bag, cut a little of the corner off and piped some of the candy melt onto the bottom of my ‘yolks’ and stuck them to some baking paper. Then piped some more around them, to make them look more like eggs.

easter cupcakesI hope you like my Gudetama Easter Cupcakes…do you bake anything for Easter long weekend?

Happy Easter!


4th of July Pinwheel Cupcakes

Being in Australia, we don’t officially celebrate 4th of July, but I thought I would make some pinwheel cupcakes in honor of my American pals.

This post is more about the decoration than it is about the actual cupcakes because I cheated and bought a packet cupcake mix. Shh…don’t tell anyone, okay?

4th of July

What better cupcakes to make for the 4th of July than the American classic Red velvet. I have made Red Velvet from scratch from a recipe in the Love Bakery cookbook, but I decided to use a packet mix this time because it’s easier and I won’t be stuck with leftover buttermilk, that would probably go to waste by the time I looked up another recipe to use it up.

What you will need to make your 4th of July Pinwheels

4th of July
– red velvet cupcakes
– red or blue card (or both), I chose some red glittery card-stock
– Split pins
– Paper straws, blue and white, or red and white
– tape
– ruler
– sharpie (optional)

Use your ruler to measure and cut a 10cm x 10cm square (or you can make any other size, depends on how big or small you want your pinwheel to be)

4th of July
1. Fold your square diagonally, open it up and do the same on the other side, so your card is divided into four triangles

4th of July

2. Cut each corner along the creases, but stop about 1- 1 1/2 cm from the center

4th of July
3. Fold the left corner towards the middle of the square

4th of July4. Cut a slit in the corner of the folded down corner and press a split pin through it


5. Turn your square around anti-clockwise, doing the same to each left corner as you did with the first. Press the split pin through all four folded corners and press it through the middle of the square. Turn your pinwheel over and open out the split pin to secure your corners in place. You can write something like ‘4th of July’ on the white parts of the pinwheel with your sharpie, like I have or just leave it bare.


6. Tape a paper straw to the back of your pinwheel, cut the end off to the desired length and push it into the middle of your cupcake.

Hope you enjoyed my 4th of July Pinwheel cupcake tutorial

Happy 4th of July to all my US friends and readers, I hope you have a great weekend!