10 Cute Christmas accessories to get you in the festive mood

Every year our family gets dressed up for Christmas lunch and while I normally just wear a festive dress, sometimes I like to add some cute Christmas accessories to my outfit. Christmas earrings, or maybe a necklace.

Here is my top ten cute Christmas Accessories (some of which, I have already purchased myself) to wear on Christmas day, or any Christmas party/ work end-of-year break up party.


Christmas Accessories

1. Sterling silver CZ Reindeer pendant from Prouds $29 (Original RRP$49.90)- I saw this reindeer pendant in the display at my local Prouds a couple of weeks ago, but totally forgot to go back and get it, so I picked it up in the city last week. I think it’s really cute and different to any other reindeer jewellery I’ve seen.

2.Tiffany & Co. Sterling silver Charm and chain $205- Charm $70- Chain (splurge)- Even though it doesn’t snow in Australia for Christmas, I have always thought snowflakes are pretty at Christmas time. It is also a reminder that on the other side of the world, it’s cold in December.

3. Silver Candy Cane Novelty studs on gift card from Lovisa $7.99- I love candy canes and these studs from Lovisa are so cute! They are Christmas-y without looking tacky. I think it’s a great idea that they are on a gift tag, you could add it to the outside of a wrapped gift.

4. Penguin Earrings from Diva $6.99- Normally ‘novelty’ type Christmas earrings can be a bit on the tacky side, but I think these ones are cute. Just simple penguins wearing Santa hats (with glitter).

5. 9ct Gold Silver Filled Heart Charm bracelet from Bevilles $69.99- Christmas jewellery doesn’t always have to be Christmas themed. I love this charm bracelet because you could add other charms to it if you wanted to and it’s dainty.

Other Christmas Accessories

Christmas accessories

1. Metal Reindeer headband from Diva, $9.99- This was another item that I picked up last week. If the metal cat ear (headband) trend is anything to go by, these headbands will be just as popular! What I love about them is that they are way more subtle than wearing a pair of felt reindeer antlers/headband.

2. New Look Christmas pudding Coin purse from ASOS, Now $5.55 (was $7.38)- I love novelty items and this pudding coin purse is so cute…and also handy when you’re out Christmas shopping. Sometimes when you have budgets for gifts, you can end up with a lot of loose change!

3. Christmas illustration canvas shopper tote, Exclusive to Myer, $29.95- I rember seeing these totes at Myer last year. They would be a beautiful gift for someone, or something to take shopping when you have a few last minute items to buy (there’s always something you need on Christmas Eve).

4. Christmas Tree Phone topper from Diva, $6.99- This cute little tree fits into any regular headphone jack and serves two purposes, to keep dust out of the jack and to add some Christmas bling to your phone.

5. OPI Nail polish in ‘All I want for Christmas (is OPI) from Myer, $19.95- While nail polish comes under ‘cosmetics’, I have always seen it as an accessory too. Whatever shade we choose to paint our nails, is an ‘accessory’ to our outfits. Red is always great for Christmas and the shade name for this one is very fitting.

Do you dress up on Christmas day? or is it a casual affair?


Post spending ban wishlist

I have 14 days left of my 60 day (beauty) spending ban, so I thought it would make the homestretch a little easier if I made a post spending ban wishlist.

There would be no point in doing a spending ban, if I was going to go and buy a heap of stuff after it, so this is a wishlist of a couple of items I’ve had my eye on during my spending ban (and resisted) and a few more expensive items that I can save for.

Products I have resisted during the spending ban

post spending ban wishlist

1. Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in ‘Tok-I-O’- As soon as I saw this on Australis’ instagram, I knew that I had to have it! I own very few purple lip products, so this will be one of the first things I will buy post spending ban!
2. Maybelline Color Whisper in ’95 Mad For Magenta’- I bought one color whisper just before I started my spending ban, but didn’t actually wear it until a bit later. I loved it as soon as I wore it and knew I had to pick up another (or 2) after my spending ban.
3. Essie nail color in ‘Mint Candy Apple’- I have wanted this Essie shade since Priceline started selling the brand! Unfortunately every store I have been to, it is always sold out so I may be waiting a while to get my hands on this one!
4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse in ‘081 Fair Ivory’- A few weeks a go I saw the TV commercial for this foundation and saw that they have really pale shades. I thought ‘finally a drugstore brand that finally has a shade pale enough for me!’ and when I swatched them last week…I was so excited by this product! This was the hardest product not to buy during my spending ban! I could easily wear fair ivory or ivory (they’re very close in shades, Ivory is a tiny bit darker)
5. Concealer (not pictured)- I was looking for concealer the other day and realised that I don’t have any…at all! The last one I had started to smell funny, so I threw it out.

Products that I want to save money for

post spending ban wishlist

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-con No.7- Plush Shadow in ‘The Tease 202’- When I heard that Marc Jacobs was releasing a beauty line, I was excited to check the products out. Unfortunately (as far as I know) they aren’t available in Australia, so if I want something I will have to use a mail forwarding service from Sephora. I love the look of this palette, but because using a mail forwarding service can be expensive, I may not ever own this….unless I decide to do a large order from Sephora.
2. Nars blushes in ‘Gaiety and Luster’- I have wanted these blushes for ages, but can’t justify paying $45 (from Mecca Cosmetica) for just one blush, although I may eventually get one or both from KissandmakeupNYC for $29 each. Which I think is still a lot to pay for just one blush!
3. Benefit Count Down To Love advent calender- I really want this, but as it’s $99 here in Australia, I will have to really cut back on my beauty spending if I do get it.

I didn’t end up posting a FOTD Friday post yesterday, but I will update you one my spending ban progress. I am happy to say that I did not buy any makeup/beauty product since last Friday! (despite looking at makeup stands in a few different stores last week)