Mothers Day gift ideas 2013

This year I have decided to do something different with my Mothers Day gift ideas list, I will be choosing a ‘steal’ and ‘splurge’ option for each gift. I will also be providing links to a few products that will be able to be purchased within Australia and the US/internationally.

Scented Candle

mothers day gift ideasSteal: Pink Hope soy candle ‘Hope’-Lily of the valley. These 300g soy candles come in 3 pretty scents ‘Hope’-Lily of the Valley (which is perfect for Mother’s day, as they normally bloom in May and they are May’s ‘Birth flower’), ‘Courage’- Gardenia and ‘Inspire’-Jasmine.
$14.95 each (300g candle) from Pink Hope, 100% of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Pink Hope charity! (International shipping Available)

Splurge: Peter Alexander¬†Fudge Brownie Limited Edition Glasshouse candle. I smelt this candle a couple of weeks ago, it smells amazing! Exactly like brownies, chocolatey and a little nutty…”features top notes of coconut, middle notes of cream, buttery roasted nuts and almond, and base notes of chocolate and fudge. ”
$42.90 Available exclusively at Peter Alexander stores (Aus only)

Macaron Baking Kit

mothers day gift ideas

Steal: Macaron baking kit. This set contains a macaron baking sheet, spatula, balloon whisk, palette knife, piping bag and 10mm piping nozzle. Great value for the price, just find a easy to follow recipe online and off you go! Not sure if the whisk is necessary (it’s easier and quicker to use an electric mixer), but still handy to have.
$15 from The Reject Shop,Available in-store from Thurs 2nd May, 2013. (Aus Only)

Mastrad Macaron baking set- Cookbook included. The set also contains macaron baking sheet, sturdy silicone piping bag, bag stand, 6 nozzles and other accessories. The Cookbook includes 30 different sweet and savory recipes to try. I think the bag stand is a great idea, as filling piping bags can be difficult. There’s even a brush for cleaning the piping bag (I know how much of a pain they can be to clean!)
$59.95 from Howards Storage World and $49.99USD from (US/Canada)


mothers day gift ideas

Steal: The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily perfume oil 15ml. The Body Shop recently released five new fragrances. While the Madagascan Vanilla flower was my favourite, Amazonian Wild Lily was my mum’s, so I thought it was worth a mention. The body shop perfume oils are great for mum’s that want a scent that will last longer and don’t normally wear a lot of perfume (unlike my mum! haha)
$19.95 each 15ml bottle from The Body Shop and $12USD The Body Shop USA

Splurge: Valentino Valentia gift set. I absolutely adore this fragrance! It is a strong and elegant scent, but not over powering. It smells expensive, that’s for sure! The set includes a 100ml Body Lotion and 50ml Eau de Parfum.
$130 from Myer (available from Wed 1st May, 2013) and $112USD from Nordstrom


There’s some of my picks for Mothers Day gift ideas. I will be doing a few more Mother’s Day posts over the next two weeks (some DIY, Baking etc.)


Single on Valentine’s day? Typo’s got you covered

Valentine’s Day is that one day a year-where if you are single, you are over looked or ignored. If you didn’t already feel bad enough about not having a significant other on this day, stores make it worse¬†(from January to early February) by clearly displaying their Valentine’s Day products and cards, that are marketed to couples.

The design team at Typo have come up with a way to include the single people on Valentine’s day , they have released a range of cards for single people!

Whether you treat yourself or go out with your single friends, Why not celebrate being single on a day that revolves around being in a relationship?

For the single people

One of the cards says ‘F*** Happy Valentine’s Day, you’re single and Fabulous’, which reminds me of Sex and the City. Another (pictured below) that says ‘Single woman unite to search for The perfect man, that isn’t Gay, Married or a Pansy ass mamma’s boy. This one made me quietly laugh to myself when I read it in-store.

singleThe cards may not be ground breaking or even empowering, but they make light of that one day that can make singles feel really bad about themselves.

All cards are $2.95 each from Typo (not all are available online)

We are taught from an early age, that when we ‘grow up’ we need to find someone, settle down and start a family. It is a lot of pressure and when you are single (whether it was your choice or not) you shouldn’t have to feel ashamed or less of a person, just because you are alone!

This Journal sums up (for me) what it is to be single…


a5 pattern journal, $9.95AUD from Typo

I don’t like the commercialisation of Valentine’s day, but I do love all the cute products that get released! I am a girly girl, so anything heart shaped or in varying shades of pink and red, I love…I will be buying myself the red Lindt chocolate heart tin (available from Woolies for $10).

One Typo card shows the commercialisation of the day…

I thought it was clever and funny, because it is so true! Florists make a killing on Valentine’s day because frantic boyfriends/fiances/husbands will pay anything when it’s last minute and they totally forgot.

Not all guys are ‘into’ Valentine’s day, some couples do something special every year, while some single people may throw ant-valentine’s day parties or just treat themselves (because you should love yourself, right?)

I won’t wish you all a happy Valentine’s yet because I have a couple more Valentine’s Day themed posts and it’s only February 1st!

Until next time…

XO XO Evelyn