Recent shopping haul-beauty, fashion and more!

As much as I like reading haul posts, I have never actually posted one myself. After some enthusiastic responses on twitter, I have finally decided to post my own shopping haul. It includes fashion, some beauty/skin care products and other things I needed/that were on sale (can’t resist a good sale!).

Most of the items were purchased last Thursday, but there are a couple of things that I had from earlier.

Beauty (and skin care)

I finally picked up the two new Maybelline color (metals) tattoos last week. I got ‘Inked in pink’ before I knew about the 1/2 off Maybelline sale at Priceline, but I used my quarterly sister club voucher, so it wasn’t so bad. The same day, I also bought a ModelsPrefer Infinite colour lip liner in ‘clearly sealed’ (for those lip gloss/lipsticks that don’t have a matching lip liner)

shopping haul

On Thursday, I picked up the other color tattoo that I wanted, which was ‘Barely branded’…I can definitely see why those two shades are so popular! I was lucky to get the last one of barely branded.

The other product I got from Priceline was a Maybelline color whisper in ‘Lust for blush’

shopping haulThe 1/2 price Maybelline sale is still on now, but you will have to be quick because it ends on August 26, 2013! shop the sale on Priceline’s online store

I have always had a problem with body acne, not severe, but bad enough to not want to wear anything backless or with skinny straps! I haven’t really minded, but I have a few things that I want to wear in summer and hopefully be bacne (back acne) free!

Anyway, I was going to buy the clinique body bar…but I decided to see if The Body Shop had anything specifically for body breakouts. The SA was really helpful and recommended the Tea Tree body wash. I also bought a pump nozzle for the bottle. Much easier to dispense (thanks to the SA at the counter for the suggestion!)

I will report back after a couple of weeks, to see if there is much improvement.

Shopping Haul


Last week I purchased 3 pieces from the new Peter Morrissey collection at Big W, I adore the collection and I can’t wait to wear them during spring/summer!

I will just skip to the photos, as I will be doing a separate post on the collection shortly…including me wearing the items and my thoughts.

shopping haul

1. Peter Morrissey V Neck satin top- Blue 2. Peter Morrissey contrast skirt- red 3. Peter Morrissey Lolita Stiletto heel- red

I also purchased the striped maxi, but I need to iron it, so I will add a photo of it to the collection post.

Target had buy one get one 50% off on all Free Fusion tops, so I purchased these two below

shopping haulI really loved the look of this top, it was on clearance for $15! It will be perfect for summer.

shopping haulThis is the other top I got (50% off so it was only $7!). I’m loving pop art things lately and because it’s neon, it’s a bit different.

The last fashion item that I got, was the blue belt below. It was on clearance for just $3 from Colette! Bargain!

Shopping haul

Other purchases

As soon as I saw the dog hoodies on the Peter Alexander facebook page, I knew I wanted one for my dog Ricki…except I couldn’t justify paying $30 for one! Luckily PA was having a 15% off sale last week and one of the hoodie styles was clearanced, so it ended up only costing $15!

shopping haul

Ricki wearing the hoodie
shopping haulThe last two items I purchased (last Thurs) were a Katy Perry Purr atomizer from My beauty spot for $6.99 (great for the handbag) and some European pillow cases from Harris Scarf for $15 each, marked down from $29.95ea

shopping haul
shopping haul
What have you purchased recently? any bargains?


PS. If you have read my blog before, you will have realised that it’s had a makeover…what do you think?


Mothers Day gift ideas 2013

This year I have decided to do something different with my Mothers Day gift ideas list, I will be choosing a ‘steal’ and ‘splurge’ option for each gift. I will also be providing links to a few products that will be able to be purchased within Australia and the US/internationally.

Scented Candle

mothers day gift ideasSteal: Pink Hope soy candle ‘Hope’-Lily of the valley. These 300g soy candles come in 3 pretty scents ‘Hope’-Lily of the Valley (which is perfect for Mother’s day, as they normally bloom in May and they are May’s ‘Birth flower’), ‘Courage’- Gardenia and ‘Inspire’-Jasmine.
$14.95 each (300g candle) from Pink Hope, 100% of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Pink Hope charity! (International shipping Available)

Splurge: Peter Alexander Fudge Brownie Limited Edition Glasshouse candle. I smelt this candle a couple of weeks ago, it smells amazing! Exactly like brownies, chocolatey and a little nutty…”features top notes of coconut, middle notes of cream, buttery roasted nuts and almond, and base notes of chocolate and fudge. ”
$42.90 Available exclusively at Peter Alexander stores (Aus only)

Macaron Baking Kit

mothers day gift ideas

Steal: Macaron baking kit. This set contains a macaron baking sheet, spatula, balloon whisk, palette knife, piping bag and 10mm piping nozzle. Great value for the price, just find a easy to follow recipe online and off you go! Not sure if the whisk is necessary (it’s easier and quicker to use an electric mixer), but still handy to have.
$15 from The Reject Shop,Available in-store from Thurs 2nd May, 2013. (Aus Only)

Mastrad Macaron baking set- Cookbook included. The set also contains macaron baking sheet, sturdy silicone piping bag, bag stand, 6 nozzles and other accessories. The Cookbook includes 30 different sweet and savory recipes to try. I think the bag stand is a great idea, as filling piping bags can be difficult. There’s even a brush for cleaning the piping bag (I know how much of a pain they can be to clean!)
$59.95 from Howards Storage World and $49.99USD from (US/Canada)


mothers day gift ideas

Steal: The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily perfume oil 15ml. The Body Shop recently released five new fragrances. While the Madagascan Vanilla flower was my favourite, Amazonian Wild Lily was my mum’s, so I thought it was worth a mention. The body shop perfume oils are great for mum’s that want a scent that will last longer and don’t normally wear a lot of perfume (unlike my mum! haha)
$19.95 each 15ml bottle from The Body Shop and $12USD The Body Shop USA

Splurge: Valentino Valentia gift set. I absolutely adore this fragrance! It is a strong and elegant scent, but not over powering. It smells expensive, that’s for sure! The set includes a 100ml Body Lotion and 50ml Eau de Parfum.
$130 from Myer (available from Wed 1st May, 2013) and $112USD from Nordstrom


There’s some of my picks for Mothers Day gift ideas. I will be doing a few more Mother’s Day posts over the next two weeks (some DIY, Baking etc.)