Swatch Saturday: NYX Jumbo eye pencils

A few weeks ago I picked up the NYX Center Stage Jumbo eye pencil collection from Target, seeing as the shades in the collection are part of the NYX Jumbo eye pencils permanent line, I thought I would swatch them.

It contains 6 of the best-selling Jumbo eye pencil shades, including ‘Milk’ -which is always sold out at my local Target.

NYX jumbo eye pencilsThe collection is great value, only $29 (bought separately they are $9.95 each!).

NYX jumbo eye pencilsNYX jumbo eye pencils

Left to right: Electric Blue, Black Bean, Sparkle Nude, Iced Mocha, Yogurt, Milk

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Swatches (same order as above)

NYX Jumbo eye pencilsI haven’t gotten around to trying them out on my eye lids yet, but first impressions are good. They feel very smooth and are all quite pigmented.

‘Sparkle nude’ and ‘Iced Mocha’ seem very alike, I could see them working well together. Really, all three of the middle (brown/bronze) coloured shades would work well together.

‘Black bean’ would be great for a smokey eye look and ‘milk’ would be great as either a base or even highlight.

The Center Stage collection is Limited Edition, but is still may be available in some stores and at the Target online store

I may do a eye make up look with some of them soon.


Swatch Satuday: Maybelline Color Show Sequins

I loved the look of the Maybelline color show sequins polishes as soon as I saw a photo of them, on the MNY Aussie instagram account a few months ago. I was excited to finally find them at Priceline last week!

Maybelline color show sequins

I decided to buy all colours because I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted and I’m a sucker for anything sparkly! (total magpie).

There are four shades in the collection: Silver Gleam #810, Gold’s Night Out #815, Sea-Quins #820 and Rose Bling #825

maybelline color show sequins

They don’t disappoint! (except for the blue, but more about that later). The glitter in them is a mixture of ultra fine and larger sequins. Other than the silver, two coats were enough to fully cover my nail…I only needed one with the silver for some reason, I’m not sure why it’s less sparse than the others.

Maybelline Color Show Sequins swatches


maybelline color show sequins

apologies for my thumb nail being out of focus!

Silver Gleam #810
maybelline color show sequinsThis is one of my favourites from the collection, silver looks great on it’s own or with any other color really. This polish is packed full of silver micro glitter and bigger round sequins.

Gold’s Night Out #815
maybelline color show sequinsApologies again for the partially out of focus photo…anyway, Gold’s night out is much the same as Silver gleam, but the glitter is a bit more sparse. This is my other favourite, as it looks great by itself.

Sea-Quins #820
maybelline color show sequinsSea-Quins was the shade that I was really disappointed with. I was hoping it would be clear with blue glitter, but unfortunately (like Sally Hansen’s Mermaids Tale) the polish is sheer blue. It has pale blue micro glitter and the same larger sequins. Why won’t someone make a clear blue glitter polish!?

Rose Bling #825
maybelline color show sequinsRose Bling has pale pink micro glitter, the same colour sequins and dark pink sequins. I like this colour, but unless you ‘fish’ around for the darker pink sequins it’s hard to have an even coverage of them.

Over all I really like these polishes, I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of the silver and gold shades. I can’t comment on how hard they are to remove because I used my essence peal off base coat under them.

The Maybelline color show sequins polishes are limited edition and retail for $5.95 each, you can buy them online at Priceline.

Have you purchased any of the sequin polishes? which shade is your favourite?