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I believe in full disclosure on my posts. Most products that are reviewed or are recommended by Cotton Candy Diva will have been either purchased by myself (the blog owner), given to me as a gift or sometimes it may be something I have won in a competition/giveaway. However, if a company approaches me with a product they would like me to review. I will treat it the same as if I purchased the item myself.

– I may suggest products in some of my posts, but I will not recommend a beauty/makeup product that I have not tried myself. If a PR company approaches me, wanting me to write about their client’s product/s, they need to be aware of this. If you do not have a sample for me to try, I will have to decline working with you.

– If approached by a company that would like to offer me a product for review, I will do so at my own discretion. I will not review a product that is not relevant to the Cotton Candy Diva blog or that jeopardises the integrity of my blog.

– I am open to featuring sponsored posts, provided they fit within my blog’s content. Relevant information is included in my media kit, that will be provided upon request.

-All written content on my blog will always be in my own words (unless stated to be a guest post or collaborative post) I am not interested in posting content written ‘for’ my blog by a PR company or any one else. All opinions expressed on Cotton Candy Diva are my own and will not be influenced by ‘supplied’ products or services, or any other form of compensation.

– I feel that I have an obligation to my readers to give my honest unbiased opinion on  any review products and/or services that have been provided to me. That said, if a particular product does not satisfy my needs or isn’t to my taste. I will still review it as objectively as I can and will suggest who it may be more suitable for.

– Any images on this site that have not been photographed by myself are used solely for example purposes. Copyright remains the property of the images’ respective company/website. *If any company has an issue with copyrighted images used on this blog, please do not hesitate to contact me via email and those images will be immediately taken down.


Terms of Use

(by readers or visitors to this blog)

-Any images photographed by me that appear on Cotton Candy Diva are owned by me and are copyright of Evelyn Robinson Photos, they shall not be used anywhere online (or elsewhere) without my consent, with the exception of Pinterest (directly from cotton candy diva or my pinterest profile) If consent is granted by myself, I kindly request that you link back to this blog or to my photography Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Evelyn-Robinson-Photos/

-The Cotton Candy Logo and brand is protected copyright law and shall not be used or reproduced with out my consent.

-Any content written on Cotton Candy Diva that I have written myself [I will state if it has not been written by me] Shall not re-posted and claimed to be an original work. If you do reference any of my blog posts or quote something I have written, I ask that you please link back to my original post and credit my blog for the used content.

-Please respect my blog and other readers. No personal attacks, swearing or bullying. Comments containing any of this will not be approved.

-I have comment moderation in place on my blog, this helps to minimize any spam that my blog may attract. After I have approved your first comment on this blog, all further comments you make will automatically be published.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading the posts on Cotton Candy Diva

XOXO Evelyn


Updated: 26/10/2013

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