Turning 29

On Wednesday I turned 29 and even though I was excited by the fact it would be my ‘golden birthday’ (29 on the 29th, only happens once in your life and all that), I had dreaded turning 29 for most of the year leading up to it. As today is the last day of July and my birthday week (yes, I milked that a little longer than I should have), I thought I would share some of my thoughts on turning 29.turning 29Before I entered adulthood, I imagined my life to be totally different to how it is now.
I thought I would be married and have kids at least by the time I reached 25!
Maybe I was a little naive back then or maybe it was just what I thought that is what was expected as an adult.

The fact that I am now only one year away from turning the big 3-0 does still scare me a little and it does sometimes get me down that I haven’t achieved all that I thought I would by this point in my life, but I am trying to start my last year of my 20s with a more optimistic outlook.

A lot of this way of thinking or wanting to start thinking this way, has to do with the current issue of Cleo (August 2015), which I picked up to read on the train home from Melbourne on Wednesday.  To be honest my main reason I bought it was because one of my Comedy idols, Amy Schumer was on the cover, but I was pleasantly surprised! A lot of the content sounded like it was written for me.

turning 29

photo from my instagram @cottoncandydiva_blog

Without sounding like this post was sponsored by Cleo (It isn’t, I just really liked the issue) I will talk about some of the articles that really resonated with me and helped me to suck it up and get over the fact that I am now 29!

– Not apologising for the things we shouldn’t be (like being single), this made me feel a lot better about turning 29 and still being single, while a lot of my friends are in relationships, are married, have kids or all of the above! Your whole life you are told that you should start ‘settling down’ by a certain age and have your life mapped out, but sometimes us single people need to be reminded that is IS okay if you aren’t at that point in your life yet.
– Being your own ‘cheerleader’, being in my late 20s and still being single, and childless are just some of the things that I beat myself up over regularly. I will have those days where I will feel sorry for myself…sometimes obnoxiously so, but I’m slowly learning to tell myself that nothing will change if I don’t change my mindset and be determined to get out of whatever rut I’m in. I am so grateful for the love and support of my friends and family, but I now know that sometimes you need to kick yourself up the butt (as physically impossible as that is!) to make things happen.
– Amy Schumer’s interview! She is so inspiring to me, not only as a Comedian but also because of the woman that she is! She is confident, smart, funny and oh so fearless. I admire that she is able to unashamedly be herself no matter what people may think of her or say about her. Yes, her humor can be a little crude, but that’s why she is so hilarious! She says what most of us are afraid to say out-loud in case we offend anyone. 

I could go on about the other great things in this ‘Equality issue’, but I don’t want to make this post too wordy.

Wow, okay this post got a bit personal real quick, but it feels good to be more open on here…

Let me know what you think! Do you like ‘personal’ type posts or would you rather just read about fashion & beauty?


29 of my favourite things

As I will be turning 29 next Wednesday (on the 29th!) and because I have a lot of favourite things haha, I thought it would be fun to share 29 of my favourite things and you’ll get a chance to know a little bit more about me. 🙂

Favourite Activities

1. Photography- I’ve taken photos since I was a kid with disposable cameras or cheap film cameras (makes me feel so old!), but it wasn’t until high school that I developed (pun totally not intended) a passion for photography. I have been lucky to photograph some amazing events such as the TV Week logie awards in 2008 and the Stampede country music festival…I even had a few photos published in local newspapers!

Cottoncandydiva_12. Writing- Again from a young age writing was something I loved to do, in English class I would get so excited when we were asked to write short stories as homework. I started studying Journalism at Uni a few years ago, but dropped out because my focus has changed. I am now working on comedy writing. I applied for NBC Universal’s Late Night Writers workshop early this year and I was unsuccessful this time, but I am not giving up!

3. Reading YA Literature- I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy reading novels that are not exactly written for my demographic. Some of my favourites are The Hunger games series, Lauren Conrad’s L.A candy novels and The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer.

Signed bookmarks that I won on instagram from Gabrielle Tozer...She is one of the sweetest people ever!

Signed bookmarks that I won on instagram from Gabrielle Tozer…She is one of the sweetest people ever!

4. Being creative
5. Going to the beach
6. Wrapping gifts
7. Baking.

Favourite TV shows

8. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon- I became an instant fan of the show when I first came across an ‘Ew!’ clip on Youtube in May last year. Jimmy Fallon has been hosting the Tonight show for more than a year and the show just keeps getting better. There has been some amazing moments this year! I can’t wait to hopefully see a show in person one day.

maxresdefault9. The Ellen Show- Ellen and Jimmy are my two favourite hosts! I was lucky to see Ellen in person when she filmed segments for her show in Melbourne a couple of years ago. I hope to see her show in LA one day too.

10. Late Night with Seth Meyers
11. Sex and The City
12. Neighbours
13. Pretty Little Liars
14. Gossip Girl
15. Charmed

Favourite Movies

16. Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Hands down my most favourite movie ever! Such a classic film. I love Audrey Hepburn. Every time I hear ‘Moon River’ it reminds me of this movie. It’s also one of the reasons I own a camel coloured trench coat!

17. My Best Friend’s Wedding
18. The Devil Wears Prada
19. Mean Girls
20. Wedding Date- Another wedding themed movie that has one of my favourte actors in it, Dermot Mulroney!
21. Anchorman
22. Liar Liar

23. Fever Pitch (released as A Perfect Catch here in Australia)- Originally I watched it just because Jimmy Fallon is in it, but I ended up loving the movie…even though Baseball isn’t really popular here.
24. Drop Dead Fred (a childhood favourite)

Other Favourite things

25. New York- It may sound weird that I love somewhere I haven’t even been yet, but I just know that it is my kind of city! I love Melbourne CBD and heard many people (who have been to both NYC and Melb) compare it to NYC…I do also hear people say ‘you obviously have never been to New York, if you compare it to Melbourne’ but it depends on your own experiences.

photo from my instagram @Cottoncandydva_blog

photo from my instagram @Cottoncandydva_blog

26. My two doggies
27. My Family and friends
28. Macarons
29. Laughing uncontrollably


What are some of your favourite things? let me know in the comments