Westfield Geelong Fashion Festival- AW 2013

Last week, I attended the Westfield Geelong Fashion festival. The four day event (April 18-21) showcased the current season’s fashion trends, with runway shows on Friday and Styling workshops on Saturday. Also on offer were free one on one style sessions and express ‘mini’ make overs at The Body Shop.

I only attended on Friday and Saturday, as they were the ‘main’ days. I booked VIP seats for both days, for Runway one (fashions from different Westfield retailers) and the first styling workshop, hosted by Renee Enright and special guest WAG, Emma Clapham.

Westfield Geelong Fashion Festival- Runway 1, AW13 fashion from Various Westfield Retailers.

Click on the slideshow below to see some of my photos from Friday’s runway

AW13 Fashion Trends

I won’t go into great detail because I have a few posts planned featuring some of them, so I will just list them and give a brief description of each.

Lace- While not a trend on it’s own, lace features in two of the season’s key trends. Gothic Romance (think a little ‘dark’, but also feminine) and Pretty Cool (a mix of pretty peices and tougher/edgier pieces).
Florals- Unlike bright spring florals from last year, Autumn/Winter florals are more vintage-inspired, with darker backgrounds and woven-style, heavier materials.
Leather- Be it the real deal or not, I would say that leather is one of the more prominent trends. Pants, skirts or only as ‘accents’, there are leather pieces to suit different styles.
Baroque- My mum asked me what ‘Baroque’ is, I described it to her as a print you would see on Victorian style fabric (drapes, lounge chairs, cushions etc.) elegant, intricate and embelished (normally in gold or other metallic threads).

Just as the runway was finishing, a lady was giving out mini red velvet cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery, yum!
westfield geelong fashion festival

Westfield Geelong Fashion Festival AW13- Style Workshop with Renee Enright and Emma Clapham

I noticed that skinny belts and blazers with 3/4 sleeves are two of the trends that have been carried over from Summer into Autumn/Winter, perfect examples of transeasonal items. Belts you can buy cheap and they can last for quite a while, but if you want a blazer that will last for a few seasons, it’s a good idea to ‘invest’ in something sturdier.

Leather can be a trend that a lot of people are afraid to try, but there are a few options available to suit people’s  different style and comfort levels! For the bold, leather pants or skirts look great teamed with a white shirt or blouse. For the not-so bold, there are jackets and blazers with Leather lapels or skirts that have a (faux) leather ‘trim’ at the bottom (like the one below)

geelong fashion festival

Ally Fashion Skater Skirt with PU hem- $24.95


Check out some of my photos from the workshop below


What are your favourite trends for AW13? Would you wear leather pants?


Westfield Geelong Fashion Festival- Spring/Summer 2012

Westfield Geelong Fashion Festival

Last week the Westfield Geelong Fashion festival was on, it was a 3 day event (from 20-22nd September) showcasing Spring and Summer trends. There were loads of free things to attend including runway shows, a party styling workshop, a style workshop and even a performance from The Voice’s Rachael Leahcar!

I didn’t attend on Thursday as the main runway shows were on Friday and Saturday.

There were two shows on Friday, one Saturday and the style workshop (also on Saturday).

Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Parade by Westfield Geelong

This was the first of the shows I saw on Friday, it showcased Spring and Summer looks featuring items from some of the retailers in Westfield Geelong.

Click on the slideshow below to see some of my photos from the show

Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Parade by Myer

The second runway show on Friday showcased¬† SS ’12 trends, with pieces from some of the designers in Myer.

Click on the slideshow below to see some of my photos from the show


Westfield Geelong Fashion festival Day 3

Saturday was the 3rd and final day of the Fashion Festival. There was a Free party styling workshop in the morning, a Cocolatte runway show hosted by blogger Jess from Neon Indian and Style workshop hosted by Westfield Stylist, Renee Enright and The Geelong Advertiser’s GT magazine editor, Kylie Oliver.

Unfortunately my camera stopped focusing properly in the middle of the Cocolatte show, so off to the repair shop it went to be ‘inspected’. Hopefully it is not too bad and won’t cost me too much to fix. I would be lost without my digital SLR!

However I wrote down heaps of notes, so have some style tips to share with you all.

Here are some of the Key pieces that Renee said every woman should own for this Spring/Summer.

Spring and Summer Essentials

White Jeans– Renee mentioned that every woman, no matter what their shape can wear white jeans. It is all about the fit! Go for something that is a comfortable fit (not too baggy or too tight)

Skinny Belts– They are flattering on all shapes, as they cinch your waist in making your torso appear longer and slimmer!

Blazer– This item is transeasonal (You can wear it for all seasons). Renee suggested purchasing a neutral or black blazer. It will be easier to work into different seasonal trends and they are classic shades that will never go out of fashion.

White buttoned shirt– Again this is a transeasonal item that every woman should own. For summer Renee suggests purchasing one with 3/4 sleeves. By wearing 3/4 sleeves not only does it keep cool, it also draws your eyes to the smallest part of your waist!

Day Dress– Perfect for spring and summer. It doesn’t need to be expensive either! It is all about how you wear it and how you accessorise. A safe option is a floral print dress, florals will always be ‘in’ for Spring/Summer. This season sees a comeback of the 50s ladylike dresses, chose something A-line, with a hemline just above the knee. This is a flattering length for every body shape.

My Picks for Spring/Summer

Little White Dress (or LWD)РWhile the LBD (Litte Black Dress) is okay for summer nights,  a Little white dress will keep your cooler during the day. White will reflect the sun, whereas black will absorb the heat making you feel hot and sweaty! A LWD is the perfect summer staple piece and can be dressed up or down for different times of the day.

Dressy sandals– Great to wear when going out at night, when it’s too hot to wear covered in shoes. Metallics is big this season, so choose something in a bronze colour or that has a bit of bling. Of course these can be worn during the day too, with some neutral shorts and a bright coloured t-shirt or a maxi dress.

Neutral shorts– If you buy any pair of shorts this season, choose neutral coloured ones (think tan or cream). You can wear them with pretty much any top and they won’t go out of style. Perfect for those who want to wear the neon trend, but don’t want to wear it from head to toe!

Light-weight shirt– Something that is made from 100% polyester, chiffon or other light-weight fabrics. Worn over a singlet or tee, it will keep you from getting burnt in the sun. 3/4 sleeves will keep you cooler, but remember to apply sunscreen to the parts of your arms that are not covered!

Wide-brim hat– A hat that offers full sun protection is a must in our Australian sun! There are lots of beautiful hats around to suit different peoples needs. Another great thing about hats, is that you can wear them on days you want to hide a bad hair day!


What are your go-to items this Summer? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!


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