Winter Warmers: My favourite teas

As the temperature has dropped in Victoria and it is forecast to remain quite cold for a while, I thought I would share with you my favourite teas, to help you keep warm on those extra chilly days!

Saturday, it got down to 7 degrees (about 44F)  in the afternoon. It is not that cold by US standards, but pretty cold for us down here in the south-east part of Australia.

I do drink coffee from time to time, but I drink tea more. I like that there are a lot more options flavour-wise with teas and with that, I have tried many different brands/flavours.

My Favourite Teas (brands and flavours/types)

favourite teas

Photo from my instagram, follow me @Cottoncandydva_blog

T2 New York Breakfast- Inspired by the city that I long to visit one day soon, New York breakfast is a black tea that tastes of pancakes and maple syrup (yum). It can be enjoyed with or without milk…I like it with milk. $13 AUD for a 100g/3.5 oz. cube from T2 stores and online (they ship internationally)

favourite teaTwinnings Lady Grey- While I like earl grey tea, I liked Lady Grey even more. It’s light and refreshing with hints of lemon and orange. $2.70 for 10 tea bags/20g or $7.58 for 50 tea bags/100g from Coles

favourite teaMadame Flavour Delicate Green Jasmine & Pear- I was hesitant on trying this tea at first because I thought that the Jasmine might be a bit ‘scenty’ (you know, taste like flowers or soap), but I was pleasantly surprised! It really is as delicate as the packaging suggests and the pear is subtle, but you can definitely tell it’s there.  $5.97 for 18 pyramid tea bags from Coles

 Are you a tea drinker? what’s your favourite?