Winter Warmers: My favourite teas

As the temperature has dropped in Victoria and it is forecast to remain quite cold for a while, I thought I would share with you my favourite teas, to help you keep warm on those extra chilly days!

Saturday, it got down to 7 degrees (about 44F)  in the afternoon. It is not that cold by US standards, but pretty cold for us down here in the south-east part of Australia.

I do drink coffee from time to time, but I drink tea more. I like that there are a lot more options flavour-wise with teas and with that, I have tried many different brands/flavours.

My Favourite Teas (brands and flavours/types)

favourite teas

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T2 New York Breakfast- Inspired by the city that I long to visit one day soon, New York breakfast is a black tea that tastes of pancakes and maple syrup (yum). It can be enjoyed with or without milk…I like it with milk. $13 AUD for a 100g/3.5 oz. cube from T2 stores and online (they ship internationally)

favourite teaTwinnings Lady Grey- While I like earl grey tea, I liked Lady Grey even more. It’s light and refreshing with hints of lemon and orange. $2.70 for 10 tea bags/20g or $7.58 for 50 tea bags/100g from Coles

favourite teaMadame Flavour Delicate Green Jasmine & Pear- I was hesitant on trying this tea at first because I thought that the Jasmine might be a bit ‘scenty’ (you know, taste like flowers or soap), but I was pleasantly surprised! It really is as delicate as the packaging suggests and the pear is subtle, but you can definitely tell it’s there.  $5.97 for 18 pyramid tea bags from Coles

 Are you a tea drinker? what’s your favourite?


Winter Warmers: 4 things to get you ready for Winter

As Australia is just past the 2nd week of winter and it starts to get colder, I thought I would show you some of my favourite winter warmers to help you get through the winter chill. winter warmers Winter Pajamas- I live in Victoria and as fellow Victorians will know, it can get quite cold overnight in winter. It’s always great to get cosy in a onsie or flannelette PJs, but if you have a fireplace (like I do) or  have the heater on, you’ll probably prefer PJs that are made of a lighter fabric. Target has some cute Minnie Mouse sleepwear by Arabella Ramsay made from a soft bamboo blend. There are two sets of PJs available and a nightie all in French inspired Minnie designs. Disney Minnie By Arabella Ramsay Pyjamas – Navy Stripe $49*

Hot Chocolate- I am a tea drinker more than I am a coffee drinker, but sometimes in winter I want something a little sweeter. I don’t mind powdered hot chocolate, but my favourite hot chocolate is Lindt Milk Drinking chocolate (Dark Chocolate also available). The tin is a little expensive, but it is totally worth it! Inside the tin are Lindt chocolate ‘flakes’ that you melt into hot milk. The best thing about the flakes, is that you can use them in deserts too! Lindt Milk Drinking Chocolate 210g tin $8.72 from Woolworths winter warmers Soup- I never used to like powdered soups, that was until I tasted the Continental Cup a soup sensations! Their gourmet flavours are so much tastier than the usual (plain) tomato or chicken noodle soup sachets. There are 8 different flavour combinations to choose from. My favourites are Pumpkin with sour cream & chives, and vine-ripened tomato with Mascarpone & basil. Continental Cup a soup sensations 24g $1.29 from Woolworths

Gloves- My hands always get really cold in winter, so I love to wear gloves to keep them warm. There are always many different pairs of cute gloves in stores around winter. I purchased the ones in the top picture from Target last year, so they are no longer available. The Grey/Leather combo seems to be popular this winter and I love these Limited Editions Leather/Wool Gloves- in Grey from Target for only $25!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, it’s a chilly one here in Victoria!


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