How awesome is Cotton Candy?

OK, so we call it ‘Fairy Floss’ in Australia…but I thought that Cotton Candy had a better ring to it.

I am obsessed with the stuff! I have lost track of how many products I have that are Cotton Candy scented . I am a bit of a Diva too. So there you are, my blog title in a nutshell…or should that be Fairy floss bucket?

Now my actual blog…There’s no point saying what it will be about, because I’m sure I would just end up changing it a bazillion times. So  it will be pretty much a general blog about things like Fashion, beauty, shopping, things I like and the odd musing from time to time.

I am currently studying Journalism at Uni, so I will have a lot of study to do… but I will try to post an entry at least once a week. It may even end up helping me with my study.

♥ Cotton Candy Diva

2 thoughts on “How awesome is Cotton Candy?

  1. Never been a huge fan of “cottoncandy” … but when I was younger I used to put a bunch of sugar on to some clean foil and put a drop of food colouring over it and then put it under the grill and it solidifies in to this weird sheet of …. hard sugar and it’s red. So, win-win… I dont know who taught me to do that but it tastes exactly like fairy floss.

    Looking forward to more blogs 🙂

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