Halloween: countdown to October 31!

HalloweenOver the next couple of weeks I will be doing a few Halloween posts. Nail tutorials, costume makeup, decoration ideas etc.

Halloween isn’t really celebrated much here in Australia, but it is slowly creeping in more and more each year. More stores now sell Halloween related products. Last year even saw the first ever festival dedicated totally to the holiday in Melbourne, ‘ Halloween Spooktacular’ (sadly it was cancelled for this year).

I bought some decorations recently and I thought I would share them with you. I have already put some up at the front of the house (why only decorate for one day, right?).


Picture from instagram @cottoncandydva_blog

Pictured above is a glow-in-the-dark grave stone, that I will be putting on my bedroom window (my window faces the road) and a banner/tape that says ‘Caution: Enter If You Dare’.


The banner on our front fence, hopefully it doesn’t scare anyone off! haha

I also bought a flag in the shape of a witches hat (pictured below). It has a stake, so you can stick it in the ground.


Decoration breakdown

Where: The Reject Shop. They have many affordable Halloween supplies. Includes: decorations, candy, Trick or treat bags and buckets and some costume stuff too!

How Much: The flag was $5, Banner $2 and the Grave stone was also $2!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Feel free to share your photos on my Facebook page, I’d love to see them!

XO XO Evelyn

6 thoughts on “Halloween: countdown to October 31!

    • KerKer- I haven’t been to Big W yet, but I’m planning to before the 31st 😉

      Dannie- You’re welcome! thanks for hosting the blog hop, I’ll definitely be adding a few more posts before Halloween!

      Clare- Yeah, dressing up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Good to hear you’re getting in the spirit by baking some halloween goodies! 🙂

  1. Cool decorations! My family celebrate it quietly at home each year. It’s a great time to dress up and be silly, the kids love it. I guess we celebrate it quietly because we don’t know how our neighbours feel about it, some people are actually quite ‘funny’ about it. Maybe they just don’t know how to have fun 😉 Enjoy your Halloween festivities, what will you be dressing up as?

    • E-von- Thanks! Yeah, some people actually get quite defensive about it! Saying it is American crap lol kind of annoys me because Halloween was originally a Scottish and Irish tradition, it’s just that America comercialised it. We only technically have 1 ‘neighbour’ because we live on property. I’ll just be celebrating at home with some scary DVDs, but I will be dressing up as Draculaura from Monster High…I’ll be doing a costume post soon

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