Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Manicure

Yesterday I went to Readings Cinemas to see the last and final installment of The Twilight saga, I thought it would be a good idea to do an Essence Breaking Dawn Manicure with nail polishes from their ‘Breaking Dawn pt 2’ line.

The movie was amazing!! I won’t say much because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone…the only thing I didn’t particular like was the weird CGI baby (it was also used in Breaking Dawn Pt1) It was a little creepy looking.

Essence Breaking Dawn

What I used

Essence french manicure tip guides

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 nail polish in ’04 Edwards Love’ (Black with Glitter)

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 nail polish in ’03 A Piece Of Forever’ (Gold)

I decided to do french tips, the gold as the base colour and the black for the tips. Then I reversed it for an ‘accent’ nail.

Essence Breaking Dawn

It’s a little rough, I know 😛

The nail polishes were $3.95 each from Target. I think the range may be exclusive to Target because I didn’t see it on the essence stand at Priceline.

I was a little disappointed that some of the range was sold out and also I am hesitant to buy the lip gloss because none of the Essence stuff it sealed! I’ll be checking out the other Target close to me, to see what they have left.

The Essence Breaking dawn part 2 collection is available from Target Australia, you better get in quick because I’m sure once people see it, it will sell out quickly!

Essence Breaking DawnIn the collection there are 4 nail polish colours, 4 pigments, 2 lip glosses, a Gold lipstick, 2 glitter eyeliners, Shimmer powder compact and a blush compact (which I wanted, but unfortunately it was sold out *sad face*)

Have you seen Breaking Dawn part 2? or are you planning on seeing it?

I will be doing a couple more Breaking Dawn themed posts soon (especially if I can find the blush!)

XO XO Evelyn

All products were purchased by myself, I am not affiliated with Essance or Summit Entertainment.

6 thoughts on “Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Manicure

    • Thanks Clare! 🙂 It’s hard to believe, but the gold was only one coat! it’s amazing for a ‘budget’ nail polish xoxo

  1. Looks great ! I picked up one called the Jacobs protection and I found it so pretty, but super hard to work with! Gluggy and thick, even after several drops of my thinner! Gorgeous shade but nightmare formula. The brush is also a little hard to work with!

    • Thanks Nalini! Yeah, I noticed that they were a bit thick…my tip is to wipe as much excess as you can off the brush onto the bottle. The gold wasn’t too bad, but I found the black glitter to be very gluggy (almost like it was starting to set in the bottle) I think it may just be the glitter polishes, was the one you got glitter? xo

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