Swatch Saturday: Essence Circus Circus collection

Swatch Saturday will be a series of posts that will show ‘swatches’ of recent (makeup) purchases or products I already own.

These posts may be sporadic because (honestly) I sometimes forget to post these types of posts! I usually remember when the day is passed…I can’t exactly post ‘Swatch Saturday’ on a Sunday!

Essence Circus Circus Collection

Essence currently have a new Circus themed line out at Priceline stores. The collection includes cream eye shadows, Lip lacquers, nail polish duos, glitter eye liners, nail stickers, a ‘lip topper’ (which looks like a clear gloss with gold glitter) and a highlighting powder.

I purchased one of the lip lacquers, a nail polish duo and a glitter eyeliner.

Swatch Saturday

Essence circus circus lip lacquer in 02 My Glammy Acrobat.

swatch saturdayThe shade of this lip lacquer is very hard to ‘capture’, photos don’t do it justice! I love the formula of this lip lacquer! You would think it was sticky, but after trying it yesterday it wasn’t at’s very ‘creamy’ (I don’t know if that’s the right word) it then kind of dries (in a good way) onto your lips for a subtle stain

Swatch saturday

In natural sunlight, it is actually more vibrant than it appears here (see below)

Swatch saturday

Essence circus circus glitter eyeliner in 01 It’s Magic- The name isn’t actually on the packaging, I found it on the Essence site.

Swatch saturdayI was surprised at how much this eyeliner stood out! Another one that was hard to photograph!

I think this would look amazing with black eyeliner. I may do a look using both black and gold soon…

This eyeliner was so easy to apply with the thin pointed brush that it has!

Essence circus circus colour3 nail polish in 04 Cotton Candy- of course I just had to get this colour!

swatch saturdayI applied the plain pink to all my nails and then applied the glitter polish on top, on my ring finger.

swatch saturday

The pink is darker than it appears in these photos and the glitter is in translucent pink polish, so can definitely be worn on it’s own! You may need more than one coat though, as the glitter is a bit sparse.

Will you be picking up some things from the Circus Circus collection? would you like to see more ‘swatch Saturdays’?


6 thoughts on “Swatch Saturday: Essence Circus Circus collection

  1. I have the same gloss and liner! I also picked up the highligher and one of the cream shadows…stay tuned for a post soon. 😛

    Isn’t it amazing how the gloss looks so much darker on me than on you?! You look fabulous with it!


    • ooh…I look forward to reading it! I think I might pick up a couple more items before they change again (they seem to have new collections out very quickly)

      It does? wow, that’s cool. I think I could probably get it darker by letting it dry and applying another coat

      Ashley- it’s a gorgeous colour isn’t it!

  2. I’m loving the look of this collection, but sadly my spending ban prevents me from buying anything – and I’m not lucky enough to have my birthday close enough to this collection to get it as gifts 😛 haha!
    Loving the lipgloss on you! xx

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