Models Prefer Sweet Kisses swatches + first impressions

On Thursday I picked up the Models Prefer Sweet Kisses ‘cosmetic tin’ from my local Priceline store. I had looked for it as soon as I saw it online, but none of the SAs even knew what I was talking about. (Asking me where I had seen it).
models prefer sweet kisses
As it is still not available at a lot of Priceline stores, I thought I would post some swatches and my first impressions for anyone who is interested in purchasing one.

Included in the tin are 16 eye shadows, bronzer, illuminator, 2 blushes, eye primer, double ended Mascara/Brow Gel and duo eye brush. The tin itself is embossed and appears to resemble a chocolate box (especially after seeing the eye shadow shade names!)

Models Prefer Sweet Kisses Eye shadows

models prefer sweet kissesThe lighter shades were less pigmented (which I guess is to be expected) and some where a little on the powdery side unfortunately. However, the darker shades…they swatched amazingly! Especially the really shimmery shades like ‘Honey Crunch’ and ‘Toffee’.

The swatches below are of the two top rows

models prefer sweet kissesLeft to right: Butter Cream, Almond Nougat, Cherry Ripe, Honey Crunch, Toffee, Cocoa, Strawberry Cream and Caramel.

My favourite shades from these two rows (just from swatching) are Honey Crunch and Strawberry Cream. Strawberry Cream is actually more pigmented than it looks in the above photo.

Below are the swatches from the bottom two rows

models prefer sweet kissesLeft to right: Chocolate Whip, Pistachio, Black Forest, Praline, Truffle, Mint Slice, Maple Fudge and Dark Cluster.

My two favourites from the these two rows are Truffle and Mint Slice. Again, Mint slice is more pigmented than it appears in this photo.

Models Prefer Sweet kisses Bronzer, Illuminator & Blushes

models prefer sweet kissesUnfortunately the blushes were very disappointing on swatching them. I had to use a brush, rather than my finger to be able to swatch them! Hopefully it will be a different story when I use them on my face.

The bronzer and illuminator were also powdery, but again they may perform differently when applied.

I really like the texture of the eye primer, very smooth and it appears to have a slight sheen to it.

models prefer sweet kissesLeft to right: Cinnamon Spice (Bronzer), Macaron (illuminator), Marshmallow (blush), Peach Parfait (blush) and eye primer.

I haven’t used a bronzer a lot, but I really like the look of this one and I can’t wait to try the illuminator!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the quality of this set…I can’t write off the lighter shades just yet until I actually try them on my eyes.

If you are interested in picking up this set (and it’s not at your local Priceline store yet), it may take another week or so as it appears to be a ‘Christmas’ release. You can also purchase it from the Priceline site (no longer available online). The Models Prefer sweet kisses tin retails for $25. There is also one called Sweet Shadows for $15, it contains 12 eye shadows, eye shadow primer and double ended mascara/brow gel

Edit: Emma from Emma Bovary Beauty has posted a review of the Sweet Shadows tin, you can check it out here.


6 thoughts on “Models Prefer Sweet Kisses swatches + first impressions

    • der…I didn’t think of that! haha Of course the primer will ‘bring out’ the lighter shades more. Yeah, I’m not sure about the bronzer either, but I’ll give it a try! xo

  1. Yay, I’ve been hanging out for this post! My Priceline still doesn’t have it, but I really want to look at it in store before I decide to buy it. Only because I have too many neutrals as it is!

    I love the look of the shadows, they’re a lot more pigmented than I thought they would be! I’m also keen to see how the primer performs.

    I think I’m leaning more towards the Sweet Shadows palette but I’ll decide in store!
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    • I think the tins were sealed, but no doubt someone will open one up to have a look! haha…The good thing about the sweet shadows tin, is that you still get the primer!

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