Simple Flamingo nail art

Lately I have noticed a new trend of Flamingos on everything! Fabric, stationery and homewears. It has inspired me to create a super simple Flamingo nail art design.

Flamingo nail art shades:

flamingo nail artLeft to right: Rimmel 60 seconds vinyl shine in ‘Black out’ (now called 60 seconds super shine in ‘800 Blackout’), Chi Chi salon formula nail polish mini in ‘Boys Boys Boys’, Essie nail colour in ‘Madison ave hue’, piCture pOlish nail polish in ‘Fairy Floss’

1. Paint your nails with a blue polish as a base.
flamingo nail art2. Use the light pink shade (fairy floss) to paint your Flamingo’s body, neck and head. I used a toothpick to paint the neck and head, so they were not to thick/big.
flamingo nail art3. Using another toothpick, paint on the black details including the eye, beak and legs.
flamingo nail art4. Finish the design off by painting on the wings with the darker pink polish.
flamingo nail artWhat trends are you loving at the moment? I also noticed there are a lot of Banana things around, I wonder if this is because the Minions favourite food are Bananas?…coincidence haha


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