My Favourite Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies and while they put some great ones on TV, they often replay the same ones. There are also too many commercial breaks!

If you have finished all your Christmas shopping and wrapping your gifts, why not put your feet up before the Christmas day prep. begins and have a movie marathon.

My favourite Christmas Movies

chistmas moviesElf, $6.98 at JB Hi-Fi | The Search for Santa Paws | Love Actually, $12.98 from JB Hi-Fi | Disney’s A Christmas Carol (animated) | Miracle on 34th Street (1947 & 1994 movies), 2 DVDs for $12.98 from JB Hi-fi

If you don’t want to buy Christmas movies on DVD, Netflix also have many great ones also!

Netflix Christmas movies

christmas moviesExcept for 12 Dates of Christmas, these aren’t my favourites, but they are new movies to check out on Netflix (I’m a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies

I’ll Be Home for Christmas-2016 (not the JTT one haha) | 12 Dates of Christmas | A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale | Once Upon a Holiday.


*this post isn’t sponsored by JB Hi-Fi or Netflix, I just find that JB Hi-Fi has the cheapest DVDs & I’m kinda obsessed with Netflix right now 😉