My Favourite Tonight Show Aussie Guest moments

I am a big fan of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I love when Aussie guests are on the show. Seeing as it’s Australia day today, I thought I would share my favourite Tonight show Aussie guest moments.

In no particular order.

Russell Crowe teaching Jimmy Fallon how to speak in an Australian Accent

OK, so this wasn’t a moment on the show, but a hilarious exchange between Russell Crowe and Jimmy during filming of promos for ABC2. Russell tries to explain how to do an Aussie accent.

Pool Bowling with Hugh Jackman

This was a really fun new game Jimmy played with Hugh Jackman last year, hopefully they’ll bring it back again this year! The most hilarious part was Hugh trying to cheat, but failed because he put one of his own balls (no not those ones, get your mind out of the gutter!) back on the table.

Liam Hemsworth and Jimmy strut in high heels

I never thought I would see Jimmy Fallon wearing high heels on the show! It was hilarious. Liam could walk quite well in heels. Jimmy too, but his were way shorter so he had an advantage. Try some stilettos next time, Jimmy!

THAT Nicole Kidman Interview

If you watch the show regularly (and haven’t been living under a rock), you know which interview I mean. It was all over social media and because Nicole’s an Aussie, it of course was mentioned on our news and morning shows. I don’t normally get enjoyment from seeing others’ discomfort, but this whole interview was awkwardly hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jimmy’s face turn so red!


 There you have it, a few of my favourite Tonight show Aussie guest moments. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did.

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies reading! I hope you have a great day with family and friends, stay safe if traveling.


Favourite Aussie Beauty Products

As today is Australia Day, I thought I would share with you (some of) my favourite Aussie beauty products.


favourite aussie beauty products

My two favourite powders to set my makeup are the Ready Set Go finishing powder from Australis and the loose translucent powder from Face Of Australia. Both are very fine milled and are great at keeping the shine away.

favourite aussie beauty productsOne of my favourite highlighters ever (not just an Aussie favourite!) is the Australis Mineral Face Highlighter in ‘Pearl’. It is a pink toned highlighter, so perfect for cool toned skin and leaves a subtle glow. I love using  this to highlight the top of my cheekbones and my cupid’s bow.


favourite aussie beauty productsMy favourite Aussie go-to mascara is the Multi Mega lash from Australis. It’s light, stays on all day and defines lashes! Great for days where you want defined lashes, while still appearing natural.

favourite aussie beauty productsMy favourite Aussie high-end eye shadows are the color discs by Napoleon Perdis. The texture of them is silky smooth and the colour pay off is the best! My favourite base shade is ‘Trench Coat’, a gorgeous taupe.


favourite aussie beauty productsThe best lip liner you will ever find is the Infinite colour lip liner in ‘Clearly Sealed’ from Models Prefer! When you can’t find a lip pencil to match your lipstick, this product is the solution. While it doesn’t give off any colour, it will keep your lipstick from bleeding!

favourite aussie beauty productsMy favourite Aussie lipstick, hands down is the Colour inject mineral lipstick from Australis! It is really opaque, great colour pay-off and is moisturising. My favourite shade, is the limited edition ‘Lick the icing’ and a purple shade from a few years ago which was just called ‘Limited edition 01’ (I think).


favourite aussie beauty productsI love nail polish and have many favourites, but picture polish is one of my favourite Aussie brands! Favourite shade-Tiffany! As the name suggests it is the colour of those little blue boxes…you know the ones 😉

favourite aussie beauty products

Another of my favourite Aussie polishes are the minis from Chi Chi. Favourite shades- Cat fight, a beautiful pink/purple metallic with a hint of blue shimmer and High Heeled Housewife (love the name) a taupe/brown shade.


Do you have any favourite Aussie beauty products? let me know in the comments below