Kushla Accessories Australia

Kushla Accessories recently launched their online boutique (just in time for Christmas!). Yesterday, I was excited to receive one of their pieces in the mail! More about that later…first I will tell you a little more about Kushla.

Kushla Accessories

Kushla Accessories is a small Australian owned and run company that specialises in seasonal jewellery and accessories. Hand picked by the Kushla team, each piece is only available in limited quantities…so it makes it more special than regular jewellery stores, that may sell hundreds or even thousands of the same product!

Being a boutique style online store you would think that Kushla pieces would be expensive, but that is definitely not the case! All pieces are under $30 and postage is $4 Australia wide. (shipping is Free for a limited time, for purchases over $30)

The piece that Kushla kindly sent to me was their ‘Midnight owl bracelet’ from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Kushla Accessories

Midnight Owl Bracelet $24.99

I love this little bracelet! the flower, pearl and ceramic owl bead, work so perfectly together.

Here are some more photos of the charms and the bracelet on my arm…

Kushla Accessories

Gorgeous pink fabric flower

Kushla Accessories

Pretty pearl

Kushla Accessories

Love the cute little owl bead the most! I like the detail on it too

And last, but not least I thought I would post a photo of it on my wrist (how could I not?)

Kushla Accessories

If you like the look of this bracelet, I highly recommend checking out the other beautiful pieces in their e-boutique! *I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to buy one of everything

I also love the Peacock necklace from the current collection, it’s so different to any other peacock jewellery that I have seen!

XO XO Evelyn