Minions merchandise

Ever since I saw Despicable Me for the first time, I have been obsessed with the Minions and now with the latest Minions movie released, I love that there is so many different Minions Merchandise items available right now.

The Minions movie was released here in Australia on June 18, but isn’t out in the US until July 10

Here are some of the Minion Merchandise items (other than the Minion sneakers featured in my Birthday wish list post) that I have either bought already, are on my wish list or I just think are cute.

Minions merchandise

1. Minion leggings $20 from Jay Jays- I actually bought these! I don’t normally buy printed leggings like this, but I think they’re cool! 

2. Minion Talking Bob RRP$68 from Big W– He is on my (minion related) wish list, I already own Stewart and Tim talking Minions from the first Despicable Me movie, so I’d love to add Bob to my collection. When I saw the Minions movie last week, I thought he was so cute with his little Teddy bear.

3. Greens Minion cupcakes Caramel & Banana $4.34 from Coles- I have seen pictures around of this, but I haven’t been able to find them at any of my local supermarkets 🙁 This cupcake reminds me of when I was a kid (maybe grade prep or 1) and we’d take cupcakes to school for our class for our own birthday haha…I think I had TMNT ones

4. Minion Kinder Surprise 3 pack- I am not sure if they have stopped distributing the Minion kinder surprise eggs because they don’t seem to sell them at my local Coles and Woolworths. However, I have seen single ones at the Reject shop for $2 each. I am only missing one from my set!

5. Minions deluxe colouring and activity book $4 from Big W (not available online)- I bought this a while back because I am a child…no, I just like colouring (adult colouring post to come) and I love the minions, obviously.

I feel a little weird admitting that I am a little obsessed with all things Minions, especially when I’m going to turn 29 in a few weeks! Oh well, I always say that adults should never lose their inner child completely. Life is to short to be serious, together ‘grown ups’ all the time!

 This is post 6 of my 29 posts in 29 days, it’s just a day late…and will mean that today’s post will either be up tonight or tomorrow sometime. Then it will be back to one post a day.


Dress Like a Royal- Recreate Kate’s Aussie/NZ tour outfits

Would you like to dress like a royal? More specifically, Duchess Kate…below I have recreated some of the outfits Kate wore, while visiting New Zealand and Australia.

I was a little disappointed that Victoria didn’t get a royal visit this time, but I still enjoyed following their journey via the news updates and morning shows, and loved seeing what stunning outfits Kate wore each day.

The outfits of course aren’t identical, but they are very similar in style.

 The NZ ‘Nautical’ Outfit

I loved all of Kate’s outfits, but this is definitely the easiest to recreate. A simple striped top paired with a tailored blazer and cropped skinny jeans are a classic look that work well as a transeasonal outfit.

dress like a royal1. Target Limited Edition Pinstripe Jacket- Navy 2. Jeans West ‘Inez’ Skinny 7/8 Jeans- Capris 3. Sportsgirl Violet V Tee- Stripe

 Brisbane  Arrival Outfit

While this Target dress is not identical, it shares the same theme of blue flowers on a white background. Kate’s neckline is a little more modest, but the Target dress is still a classy option.

dress like a royal

1. Jessica.T Dazzling Blue Snake Clutch 2. Target City Dressing Border Print Dress 3. Zu ‘Jazzy’ Heels- Navy Platform Pumps

 White Lace Zimmerman Dress

I was shopping at Big W last night with my mum and this Lee Cooper white dress caught my eye. I even mentioned to my mum how it reminded me of Kate’s Zimmerman dress, that she wore to a few events. It says on their site that it isn’t available online or in-store, but the rack I saw at my local Big W looked like it was newly stocked, so it may still be available at some stores.

dress like a royal1. Colette ‘Anthea’ Glitter Clutch- Gold 2. Big W Lee Cooper Lace Dress- White (not available online) 3. Novo Shoes ‘Vaughn’ Wedges- Stone


Which of Kate’s outfits (during the Aussie/NZ tour) were your favourite?