Vintage beauty find- a lipstick that is almost 60 years old!

And no, I am not using a lipstick that’s older than my dad! that would be just gross!…not to mention unhygienic, who knows what nasty bacteria would be growing on a lipstick after almost 60 years!

I am talking about Revlon’s iconic ‘Fire and Ice’ lipstick. It was first released in 1952 and still remains a popular shade today! Last week at Priceline I spotted it, all alone on the shelf in its beautiful Vintage inspired tube. It even has the original ‘Revlon’ script writing on the band and ‘R’ on the lid.

The colour reminds me so much of classic Hollywood glamour, a shade that you could imagine all the (female) movie stars wearing! Its creamy texture is so soft and smooth.


I love when I find the last of a limited edition product! especially if it’s something as pretty as this lipstick. Now, I am going to see if I can find the matching nail polish.

Here is a little bit of history on Revlon and the iconic lipstick shade (the part about the lipstick is about half-way down the page)


Cotton Candy Diva