Simple Christmas manicure: featuring Bio Sculpture nail polish

 It has taken me almost a week to decide what Christmas manicure I wanted to create, after a lot of searches on pinterest and google, I finally came up with (last minute) the design below.

Christmas manicure

Christmas manicure

L-R #2058 Desert Sunset, #107 Her Majesty, #93 Golden Silver

The three Bio Sculpture gel polishes were kindly sent to me on behalf of Bio Sculpture. The shades are as follows:

#2058 Desert Sunset– A bright red-orange shimmer, great for summer and a bit different than your blue based red for Christmas. Orange is my least favourite colour (ever haha), but I was pleasantly surprised with this shade. It looks just as the name suggest, like a sunset.
#107 Her Majesty– Gold glitter, there’s not much I can say about this shade as it’s pretty self explanatory. Though, I will say that it is the first glitter polish that I have been able to get off with a nail polish remover wipe (with not much effort either!)
#93 Golden Silver– Brushed stainless steel shimmer, this applies like it is ‘brushed’, but it’s not streaky. I love that it is a darker silver, I haven’t got a shade anything like it! 

Christmas manicure

 You can purchase Bio Sculpture at selected salons, for a list of them head to the Bio Sculpture site and enter your postcode for your nearest salon.

You can also check out their nail polish shades here.

I will be back with a couple more Christmas posts over the next week