Recent shopping haul-beauty, fashion and more!

As much as I like reading haul posts, I have never actually posted one myself. After some enthusiastic responses on twitter, I have finally decided to post my own shopping haul. It includes fashion, some beauty/skin care products and other things I needed/that were on sale (can’t resist a good sale!).

Most of the items were purchased last Thursday, but there are a couple of things that I had from earlier.

Beauty (and skin care)

I finally picked up the two new Maybelline color (metals) tattoos last week. I got ‘Inked in pink’ before I knew about the 1/2 off Maybelline sale at Priceline, but I used my quarterly sister club voucher, so it wasn’t so bad. The same day, I also bought a ModelsPrefer Infinite colour lip liner in ‘clearly sealed’ (for those lip gloss/lipsticks that don’t have a matching lip liner)

shopping haul

On Thursday, I picked up the other color tattoo that I wanted, which was ‘Barely branded’…I can definitely see why those two shades are so popular! I was lucky to get the last one of barely branded.

The other product I got from Priceline was a Maybelline color whisper in ‘Lust for blush’

shopping haulThe 1/2 price Maybelline sale is still on now, but you will have to be quick because it ends on August 26, 2013! shop the sale on Priceline’s online store

I have always had a problem with body acne, not severe, but bad enough to not want to wear anything backless or with skinny straps! I haven’t really minded, but I have a few things that I want to wear in summer and hopefully be bacne (back acne) free!

Anyway, I was going to buy the clinique body bar…but I decided to see if The Body Shop had anything specifically for body breakouts. The SA was really helpful and recommended the Tea Tree body wash. I also bought a pump nozzle for the bottle. Much easier to dispense (thanks to the SA at the counter for the suggestion!)

I will report back after a couple of weeks, to see if there is much improvement.

Shopping Haul


Last week I purchased 3 pieces from the new Peter Morrissey collection at Big W, I adore the collection and I can’t wait to wear them during spring/summer!

I will just skip to the photos, as I will be doing a separate post on the collection shortly…including me wearing the items and my thoughts.

shopping haul

1. Peter Morrissey V Neck satin top- Blue 2. Peter Morrissey contrast skirt- red 3. Peter Morrissey Lolita Stiletto heel- red

I also purchased the striped maxi, but I need to iron it, so I will add a photo of it to the collection post.

Target had buy one get one 50% off on all Free Fusion tops, so I purchased these two below

shopping haulI really loved the look of this top, it was on clearance for $15! It will be perfect for summer.

shopping haulThis is the other top I got (50% off so it was only $7!). I’m loving pop art things lately and because it’s neon, it’s a bit different.

The last fashion item that I got, was the blue belt below. It was on clearance for just $3 from Colette! Bargain!

Shopping haul

Other purchases

As soon as I saw the dog hoodies on the Peter Alexander facebook page, I knew I wanted one for my dog Ricki…except I couldn’t justify paying $30 for one! Luckily PA was having a 15% off sale last week and one of the hoodie styles was clearanced, so it ended up only costing $15!

shopping haul

Ricki wearing the hoodie
shopping haulThe last two items I purchased (last Thurs) were a Katy Perry Purr atomizer from My beauty spot for $6.99 (great for the handbag) and some European pillow cases from Harris Scarf for $15 each, marked down from $29.95ea

shopping haul
shopping haul
What have you purchased recently? any bargains?


PS. If you have read my blog before, you will have realised that it’s had a makeover…what do you think?