Halloween Blog Swap

Halloween Blog Swap

My package arrived from The Made Up Maiden yesterday from our Melbourne Halloween Blog swap…our mail gets delivered late in the afternoon so that’s why I’m posting this today.

A few weeks ago some Melbourne bloggers and I decided to organise a Halloween Blog Swap after chatting with some international bloggers about a swap on Twitter.

Halloween Blog Swap

The Made Up Maiden (I’m not using her real name for privacy) wrapped up my Halloween goodies in orange and black tissue paper which I thought was nice! I haven’t got any photos of the items wrapped up because I was so excited to see what was in them, that I just tore into them as soon as I got the mail…

Halloween Blog swapIn my swap goodies there were some limited edition nail dresses that have little skulls and bats on them. It says they ‘glow’ under black light. Black light is light that emits UV radiation, like Ultraviolet lights and infrared lights. Unfortunately I don’t have a UV light source, so I will not be able to see them ‘glow’. I love the pattern though, so cute!

Halloween Blog SwapA cute glow-in-the-dark skeleton. I will be putting this on my wall, hopefully it won’t scare me when it’s dark! haha

Halloween Blog SwapThere was also a cool glowing pumpkin mask, that has glow sticks inside it! And a Skull pen, that lights up a ‘red’ colour when you write with it.

Halloween Blog swapThe Made Up Maiden also included some gummy eyeballs and skulls. I love gummy lollies, so I will definitely be eating these during my Horror DVD marathon tomorrow night!

I totally forgot!…there was also an awesome spider ring in the package (In the first picture, I forgot to get an individual photo of it!)

There were 5 of us, so it wasn’t a direct swap. I got ‘The Life Of Clare‘ and ‘The Made Up Maiden‘ got me.

I posted off (well, my mum did…thanks mum) Clare’s package yesterday, hopefully it will get to her today or tomorrow at the latest!

Thank you so much to The Made Up Maiden! I absolutely loved everything you picked out for me!

You can check out The Made Up Maiden’s post about her Halloween Blog Swap goodies here. *Sweetaholic Beauty was her ‘swap buddy’


XO XO Evelyn