Hello kitty bubblegum body spray, sweet like candy

I am a sucker for anything that smells sweet and candy like, and the Hello Kitty Bubblegum body spray that I bought (with my Flybuys giftcard) yesterday is no exception!

I was at Coles yesterday with my mum and I almost squealed with delight when I saw the Hello Kitty body sprays in the beauty isle. If I hadn’t been looking for a new deodorant, I wouldn’t have seen it there on the bottom shelf!

At first I thought, ‘Oh, great another bubblegum scented Item’ Most of the time bubblegum scented products have a kind of ‘generic’ smell of that original pink bubblegum, which I’m not a huge fan of, but the hello kitty bubblegum body spray surprised me.

I sprayed a little in the lid- as I do with most body sprays/deodorants when I try them- and waited a bit for the alcohol to settle, it smells exactly like Grape Hubba Bubba! So yummy! The pink packaging is cute too, I loved the whimsy of it!

The other scent they had (which I want to go back for) is ‘Musk Sticks’ which smell identical to the pink lolly musk sticks in the picture below. The ‘Musk Sticks’ scent comes in a blue can.

In short- The body mist is strong when you first spray it which is mostly because of the alcohol in it, but does dull a little over time. Although it doesn’t completely fade, I could still smell it on me for hours after! (mind you, I accidentally sprayed it too close to my clothes!)

Hello Kitty Perfumed Body Mist- $3.96 from Coles for a 75 gram can (strange, I thought it would have been measured in milliliters or fluid ounce)

Until next time

xoxo Cotton Candy Diva