How To: Halloween Jack O Lantern Pom Pom Decorations

halloween jack o lantern

There are many great Halloween decorations in stores at the moment, but I thought I would show you something that you can make yourself. Halloween Jack O Lantern pom poms! They are easy to make, with easily sourced materials and they are affordable too!

Halloween Jack O Lantern Pom Poms

halloween jack o lantern

I used to make pom poms out of wool all the time with my sister when I was in primary school. It’s pretty easy to do and they look great when they’re done!

The idea of making Halloween Jack o lantern pom poms popped into my head when walking past a store that was selling orange balls of wool.

halloween jack o lantern

What you’ll need:

Some Cardboard (not too thick, but not too thin either)
A pair of sharp scissors
Orange wool
Black cardstock
A glue gun or PVA Glue

1. Trace a circle onto two pieces of cardboard, you could use a drinking glass or jar depending on how big you want your pom pom to be. Then trace a smaller circle in the middle of each of the larger circles (I used the bottom of a shot glass, but a milk lid would work too) Cut each of the circles out. You may want to cut only one center circle out and trace it on to the second, so that they line up.

2. Tie one end of the wool around the two circles, with the not on at the edge of the inner circle.

halloween jack o lantern

3. Wind up some wool in a small ball, small enough to fit through the hole.

4. Start winding the wool around the circles, passing the ball of wool through the hole and making sure the wool is close together. Keep winding the wool around and around until the hole gets smaller and smaller-this bit can be a little tedious. You want to wind the wool as much as possible so that you have a ‘fuller’ pom pom. Don’t worry if you run out of wool, just make another little ball and tie it on to the end (again keeping the knot towards the center)

5. When you have finished winding the wool, thread the end under one of the strands and tie it off. Now for the fun part! Start cutting the edges between the cardboard circles.

halloween jack o lantern

6. Once you have cut all the way around, take a long piece of wool and tie it between the cardboard circles (this will stop your pom pom from falling apart). Gently ease the wool through the cardboard, then fluff up your pom pom.

halloween jack o lantern

7. To finish of cut out some triangles for the eyes and a zig-zag shape for the mouth out of the black card stock and glue them onto the pom pom. You may need to squish some of the strands down to stick them on.

halloween jack o lanterns

Now you can hang them around the house! You could also make other Halloween ‘creatures’ with different coloured wool…maybe a witch with green wool, a spider or bat with black wool. Any scary creature really, it is up to your imagination!


XO XO Evelyn