When should you say goodbye to your make up?

I only keep magazines if there are lots of articles, trends etc. in them that I know I’ll come back to at a later date, but with the magazines I ditch for good…I tear out any pages that have useful hair and beauty tips.

One article I have kept from OK Magazine, July 2010 is ‘Use By Beauty’ You would think that a lot of it is common sense, but for someone who loves make up it can be hard to say goodbye to our favourite shade of lipstick that is sold out everywhere or the perfect pigmented eyeshadow that is now discontinued!

The article has 10 tips spread over two pages, but I will just pick out a few of the tips and add some of my own ‘make up saver’ tips

OK!-“Foundation- Most foundations last around 12-18 month. The only exception is oil free formulations, which have less preservative ingredients, meaning they should be thrown out after a year. You can tell it’s time to ditch a foundation when it starts to change colour or texture, or if it no longer gives good coverage”

My Tip– When your almost finished a liquid foundation and there’s not enough for a full application or you can’t get the last bit out, don’t throw out the bottle! Make your own tinted moisturizer, by pouring a plain moisturizer into the bottle and shake it, or mix it (depends on how thick the formula/s are)

OK!– “Eye Shadow- Eye shadow lasts longer than most cosmetics, with creme shadows staying strong for 12-18 months and powder formulas for up to two years. Watch out for changes in consistency or clumps.”

My Tip– Not so much a make up saver, but a time saver. Make up brushes can cause break-outs from product build up and bacteria if not cleaned frequently, but not everyone has the time (and patience to clean every brush) So my tip is to remove as much product from brushes as possible by wiping them gently on facial cleansing wipes, or make up remover wipes. The wipes already have ingredients on them that remove oil and bacteria and unlike water won’t damage wooden brush handles if not dried straight away.

side note: If you do have the time to wash your make up brushes frequently, whatever you do, don’t let the whole brushes soak in water (this applies to brushes with wooden handles) The water will get into the wood causing it to rot later on and even become brittle. It also may soak into the glue that holds the bristles in place…you don’t want your brushes to loose their bristles! Especially when good quality make up brushes can be expensive! Run the bristles only under warm water with soap or some mild shampoo until all the product is removed and dry immediately with a clean towel or paper towel.

OK!-“Mascara-Of all make up products, mascara expires the fastest, with an expected lifetime of about three months, you’ll know it’s time to bin it when it starts clumping or dries out. To stop it going off before its use by date, avoid pumping the wand in and out as this exposes it to air, which will dry it out.”

My Tip-My last tip, have a ‘clean out’ of your make up case/bag every couple of months. If there is something there that you haven’t used in the last 6 months, chances are it’s long past its use by.

xoxo Cotton Candy Diva

Photo by nixxphotography

Quote Source: OK! magazine July 12, 2010