Christmas Gift Ideas when there’s only one month to go

Seeing as today is exactly one day to go until Christmas day, I thought I would put together some (affordable) Christmas Gift ideas that you can easily get with only one month to go!

I’m warning you now, this post may be a little longer than usual…

Christmas Gift ideas for the males in your life:


Christmas gift ideas

Superman Caped Pint Glass- $10.95USD from Neatoshop

Superman Caped Pint Glass (batman also available), $10.95USD from Neatoshop– This fun pint glass is perfect for the avid superman fan. The cape is removable for easy cleaning too!

Buy it for: An adult fan that loves novelties. Just because it’s a ‘pint glass’ doesn’t mean you have to drink alcohol out of it! It would also be okay for an older child or Teen, that you aren’t worried will break it.

Neatoshop is a US based online store, but postage is fairly quick (it was about 2 weeks when I last ordered from them) so any items you order should arrive before Christmas…of course as it is a ‘gift’ store, I recommend you order within the next week or so in case order processing is slower because of the Christmas rush!


Christmas gift ideas

Moleskine LEGO Large Ruled Notebook- $21.95USD from Neatoshop

Moleskine LEGO Large Ruled Notebook $21.95USD from Neatoshop– How cool is this? you can ‘build’ on the embedded lego block on the front. You can look professional with this sleek black notebook, but play like a kid (when no one’s looking) with Lego on it! Bricks aren’t included.

Buy for: who doesn’t like lego? Perfect for almost any age (office, school, Uni), but I warn you that this may distract your kid from doing homework!


Christmas gift ideas

Desk Block Joke A Day $19.95 from David Jones


Desk Block Joke A Day $19.95 from David Jones (no longer available)– With 365 jokes there are bound to be some funny ones, right?? The question is, can you stand hearing jokes all year round? if not, I definitely suggest that you don’t buy it for someone you see every day.

Buy it for: The office joker (if you can stand it), your dad if you are sick of the same ‘dad jokes’ and anyone who likes jokes really.

Christmas gift ideas

Slushy Magic $14.86 from Big W

 Slushy Magic $14.86 from Big W– Perfect for those hot summer days here in Australia! All you do is freeze the special cubes, once frozen put them in the cup, pour in your drink of choice and shake!

Buy it for: Boys and Girls of any age *recommended 4+ and of course Adults can enjoy it too!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the females in your life


Christmas gift ideas

Snow Fairy Gift $22.95 from Lush

Snow Fairy Gift set $22.95 from Lush- This gift box includes (cult favourite)100ml Snow fairy shower gel, Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar and 70g Angel’s Delight star soap. Packaged in a pretty pink box! Snow fairy is very popular and is only available around Christmas time, so this may sell out quick!

Buy it for: Tweens and adults who like sweet smelling bath products (think bubblegum, fairy floss etc.) While kids would like this, I think it would be better suited to someone older.

Christmas gift ideas

Gingerdead men cookie cutter- $6.95USD from Neatoshop

Gingerdead Men cookie cutter $6.95USD from Neatoshop– This cookie cutter is a little bit Christmas and a little bit Halloween. You could decorate them (the cookies) in red and green, so they don’t look so ‘Halloween-sh’. It is from the brand Fred, one of my favourite kitchen/novelty brands!

Buy it for: people who like ‘scary-cute’ things. good for teens, adults and even for a unique KK gift.

Christmas gift ideas

Modelsprefer ‘Blush’ 3 piece gift set $15 Exclusively from Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy

 Assorted Modelsprefer 3 piece gift sets $15ea Exclusively from Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy– These sets are great value for money (and they smell great too!). Each set contains a 10ml Perfume, 50ml body lotion and 7.5ml Lip gloss tube. There are 5 different perfumes/sets, Blush (pictured above), Moi, Pink Glitz, Bohemia and Adore.

Buy it for: Tweens and adults who love perfume. With 5 different fragrances to chose from, there is one to suit almost everyone’s preferences.

Christmas gift ideas

La Dee Da Sweet Party doll ‘Tylie as Cotton Candy Crush’ $23 from Kmart

Assorted La Dee Da Sweet party dolls $23ea from Kmart– There are so many cute dolls out these days and La Dee Da is no exception! Of course I pictured the Cotton Candy one for obvious reasons! Each doll comes with a little gift box, doll stand, sticker sheet, activity booklet and of course the usual doll accessories like clothes, shoes etc.

Buy it for: Kids aged 5-7 (recommended), but of course if your kids are older and like La Dee Da dolls, they’ll love these ‘sweet party’ ones!

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift ideas post and thank you for reading on if you’ve made it this far!


Updated: 19/12/2013