On Trend for under $100

I have always been a bit of a bargain hunter, SO last week I set myself a task to put together a outfit suitable for Spring/Summer for under $100.

I decided to start with finding a skirt, although it didn’t quite work that way. After browsing a few stores, I went into Famous Footwear (New to Westfield Geelong) and picked up these shoes.

London Rebel ‘Bone Waxy’ Ballet Pumps, Famous Footwear $14.99 (On Sale)

After browsing at a few more stores, I finally decided on a Polka dot skirt from Glassons. It is high waisted,  full A-line and the hem sits just above the knee. The perfect length in my opinion! I purchased this skirt with the Westfield gift card, that I won by sharing an outfit I put together, on the Westfield Facebook page. Thank you, Westfield!

High Waisted Polka Dot Skirt in ‘Crystal Grey/Night Sky’, Glassons $39.99

Then I was off to find a top to go with the skirt and shoes. I purchased a striped singlet from Valley Girl. Mixing prints is very ‘on trend’ right now and I thought that the top and skirt work well together.

Striped singlet, Valley Girl $14.95 worn with High Waisted Polka Dot Skirt, Glassons $39.99 and London Rebel Ballet Pumps, Famous Footwear $14.99

the tally (rounded up):

$14.99 + $39.99 + $14.95 = $69.93 rounded up to $69.95

well under $100!

xoxo Cotton Candy Diva