I ♥ Urban Rituelle

Urban Rituelle is one of my favourite online stores, due to its amazing products and outstanding customer service!

Last Monday my perfumes that I purchased from Urban Rituelle’s online store arrived in the mail. When I opened up the box there was a cute little shopping bag with my perfumes inside! Much to my surprise and excitement there were also some free gifts inside!

I purchased the Pomegranate perfume for my mum and the Cotton Candy one for myself (of course) Both from Urban Rituelle’s Sweet Treats Collection.

When I put my order through, I had mistakenly ordered the Peach Blossom perfume instead of the Cotton Candy one (the packaging is similar in colour) but with a quick call to their office in NSW it was all sorted. Phew! The woman I spoke to was very helpful and very polite. I was impressed with their impeccable customer service.

The Cotton Candy Perfume is amazing, it is like nothing I have ever smelled before and it will be my favourte until Urban Rituelle stop producing it (which I hope they never will!)

Cotton Candy Eau de Parfum 100ml $29.95 ,from Urban Rituelle’s Sweet Treat Collection

The gifts that were enclosed with my order were;  Coconut & Ginger travel scent (which I loved, I will definitely be ordering that next!)   mini ‘Lime Splice’ Vegetable soap,  ‘Gardenia’ Vegetable soap and  mini ‘Ocean’ Vegetable soap.

Left to right: Mini ‘Ocean’ Cocoa Butter Vegetable soap, Mini ‘Lime Splice’ Cocoa Butter Vegetable soap, Coconut & Ginger Beachcomber Travel Scent, ‘Gardenia’ Cocoa Butter Vegetable soap

I will definitely be ordering some more products from the online store before Christmas!

If you would like to check out the Urban Rituelle products for yourself vist http://www.urbanrituelle.com.au/

xoxo Cotton Candy Diva