60 Day Spending ban

On Monday I mentioned that I wanted to put myself on a ‘beauty’ spending ban (Makeup, toiletries and skincare), I had previously done a one month ban a few months ago. I was going well at first, going weeks without buying any makeup, but unfortunately that didn’t last long! That’s why I have decided to do a 60 day spending ban this time.

I am not including it, but I will be cutting back on buying new clothes too (will be harder than makeup, I love my shoes/sales!)

These are the last purchases that I made before I started the ban (I started it on Tuesday)

60 day spending ban

Bourjois GWP from Priceline, Blush Exclusif and Coral 1seconde nail polish

Please excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken on my phone.

I have set some ‘rules’ for myself…

1. Products for my upcoming Halloween swap don’t count because the products will not be for myself.
2. I am able to purchase replacement products, not including makeup of course!
3. Gifts for people don’t count, again because they are not for myself
4. I can not use any gift vouchers on makeup, skincare, haircare or other beauty related products.
5. No items that are technically not makeup eg. false eyelashes, nail foils, lip balms etc.
6.No buying things because of FOMO (fear of missing out) on new products, limited edition products, sale products etc.
7. I can buy things like cotton buds, cotton rounds, tissues and nail polish remover.
8. NO nail polish at all, until the end of the year! (I have WAY too much nail polish)
9. No makeup brushes! (especially when a 11 piece set from elf is on it’s way from the US!)

The reason why I am doing a 60 day spending ban– It isn’t that I spend a lot of money at one time on beauty products, it is more that I am a bit of beauty ‘hoarder’ and buy 1 or 2 cheap/on sale products here and there…and it has lead me to accumulate too much makeup, that doesn’t get used at all or not much!

What I am hoping to learn/achieve from the ban– I need to use more of what I have and not want every new product that catches my eye. I am a marketer’s dream, cute packaging or beautiful shades and I am drawn in! I need to learn not to buy things just because they are ‘so cheap’ or on sale…there will be other sales in the future!

My blog promise– I will post at least one new makeup look on the blog each week, this will get me to really think about different looks and how I can use the makeup I already own. I think I might even make a list of looks, so it will make it a little easier to stick to! Friday will be my ‘Face of the day Friday’ over the next 9 weeks.

I will be updating my progress on each Friday’s post