Spring Racing essentials: What to pack in your clutch or bag


With the Geelong Cup coming up this Wednesday and Melbourne Spring racing events to follow, I thought I would put together a Spring Racing essentials guide on products/items you should add to your clutch (or bag) when heading to the races.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending the races this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the excitement and fashion…and offer some tips to people who are attending!

Last year I was lucky enough to win tickets to The Aviary Marquee at the Geelong Cup and my mum came with me. It was a great day and I’m glad that I took the time to ‘pack’ my clutch for the day.

I know that not everyone takes the same style (and sized) clutch, so I am going to show you a couple of options. I won’t be including usual items (phone, keys, money etc.) because who wouldn’t take those things?

spring racing essentials

Forever New With Love Embellished Clutch RRP $59.99

The Hard-case or ‘box’ clutch

While the box style clutches look small, they actually can fit quite a few items in them because of their 3 dimensional shape!

  •  Sunscreen- No one wants to look like a lobster after a day at the races and if you are wearing a wide brim hat, it will only protect your face! A travel size tube of sunscreen will fit into any small hard-case clutch. You may be able to find them with all the other travel sized products at Big W or you can buy Sunsational Suncreen 20ml tube $3.95
  • Blotting paper- Can’t fit your translucent powder and brush in your clutch? Use blotting paper in stead! Control excess shine throughout the day (without ruining your makeup) with Models Prefer blotting tissues $5.99 from Priceline
  • Compact mirror- No doubt you will have packed the lipstick you’re wearing on the day. While there are public toilets, most of the day there’s likely to be women the length of the mirror fixing up their makeup! Port-a-loos don’t have mirrors (unless they’re ‘fancy’ ones), so definitely take your own. I love this cute Novelty Compact from Cotton On $4.95
  • Something to relieve sore feet- Obviously fold up ballet flats are not an option when you have a small clutch, but you still need something to take away the sting of blisters! Take along a pack of mixed Compeed blister patches $10.99 from Chemist Warehouse
  • Hand sanitiser- There’s normally a sign in port-a-loos that say that the water that you use to wash your hands is not safe for drinking, so I definitely wouldn’t want to put my hands anywhere near food after using it! You can buy tiny bottles of hand sanitiser, but I think that hand wipes are more convenient. Try Wet Ones Be Fresh original antibacterial hand and body wipes (sensitive ones also available) from Priceline for $1.99 for a pack of 15 

 Note: The above items would be great for an envelope clutch too!

spring racing essentials

Patsy Mini Turnlock bag in ‘Peach’ from Colette by Colette Hayman RRP $24.95

Small crossbody handbag

Who says you have to take a clutch to the races? there are some really great (small) crossbody handbags, that you can still fit a lot in, but look classy also.

  • Fold up ballet flats- Walking bare-foot out of the races, shoes in hand is not a good look and not to mention gross! By the time you get home, your feet would be black and sore. The advantage of taking a bag, is that fold up ballet flats actually fit in them! Sure, you will still have to carry your heels, but at least you’ll have something on your feet. An inexpensive option are the Scholl party feet ballet flats $10.49 from Priceline
  • Travel sized deodorant- You could take a regular sized deodorant, but a travel sized one is less bulky. Get a anti antiperspirant one so you won’t need to keep spraying it on yourself, if it’s a warm day. Travel sized deodorants are available at most supermarkets and also at Big W
  • Starlettos- These are perfect for when the grass is a little soft (as it will be for the Geelong Cup), while they’re not the most subtle things, they will stop your heels from sinking in the grass! You can buy Starlettos from the official site for $15.99 + postage
  • Sunscreen- again, you want to protect your skin on race day, so it is essential to take some sunscreen with you. The 35ml tube is a perfect size. Cancer Council Everyday tube SPF 30+ 35ml $6.99 at Priceline 
  • Translucent Powder- You could take blotting paper, but I think it’s better to take some translucent powder if you can. My favourite is the Australis Ready Set Go Finishing powder $12.95 from Priceline and other Australis stockists.

I realised that I forgot to add a compact mirror! there are some really cute ones from Cotton On for under $5!

I hope anyone who’s reading that is going to the races has a great time!