My Favourite Spring/Summer trends 2011

I am not a person that follows fashion trends religiously, but if there are particular trends that I really like, I will wear them and style them my own way.

Here are my favourite Spring/Summer trends for 2011;

The Mixed-hem Dress- While most fashion industry people may call it the ‘mullet dress’, I prefer the mixed-hem dress. When I hear the word ‘Mullet’, I think horrible hair, not fashionable clothing item! This trend is great!  short at the front, long and cascading at the back. The front should be just above the knee, any shorter and it will look like someone cut off the front of your dress!

Supre uneven hem chiffon dress

 Lace- I am so glad that the lace trend is back this season, it’s so pretty and feminine. White is clean and crisp for summer and will reflect the light, keeping you cool on those hot days. Black is great for going out at night or when the days are cooler, it will absorb the light/heat making you feel sweaty and sticky. (and you don’t want that) Also, this season there is coloured lace, like in the picture below.

Sportsgirl pop lace dress

Stripes– More specifically ‘French stripes’. Also known as Breton or ‘Nautical’ stripes. They were introduced in 1858 to France, as a uniform for the French navy. Stripes are a tricky trend to pull off if you have curves. If you fear that stripes will make you appear wider, wear something with thin or vertical stripes. This season stripes come in all different styles, colours and thicknesses. (some pieces even have varied stripe thicknesses)

Dotti Hello Sailor Cardi in silver/stone stripe (also available in candy pink/black stripe)

Colour Blocking- No patterns, shapes or florals, just ‘blocks’ of colour. It can seem like an out-there trend for people who are not comfortable wearing a lot of bright colours, but if the colours are paired well, it can look great. Only ever wear two or three different colours at a time, if you wear too many it will be too much and it will make you look like you’re going to mardi gras! Pair colours that are near each other on the spectrum, like Blue and green or Orange and Red (I still can’t bring myself to wear pink and red, though!) Shades of the same colour work well too. Colour blocking works better without accessories, but if you must, wear a simple piece in a metallic shade like silver, gold or bronze. For ideas on what colours work well together, just google ‘colour blocking’

Supre 3/4 Sleeve round neck top in ‘Helsinki’ and Glassons Pop colour high waisted skirt in ‘Green Envy’

xoxo Cotton Candy Diva

Note: all clothing featured in this post is available online and all photos belong to those sites