Tale Of The Traveling hat

I am going to tell you a tale…a tale of my traveling hat!

It was about the second week of September and I decided that I would look online for a new hat for Summer. I already knew which hat I had in mind, but it was a matter of finding one at the right price.

The hat I refer to is the Eric Javits Squishee Cap, I have wanted one since I first saw Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) wearing one on Gossip Girl, at the end of season 1.

Unfortunately every US site I came across that stocked Eric Javits had really high postage. It would have ended up costing me about $220 for just one hat!

My very last option was to find one on ebay…and hooray, I find one and below the recommended retail price too!

traveling hatI paid for it and all I had to do is wait. I checked the tracking after a week or so and it said it had just cleared customs in LA only a few days after it was sent.

I kept on waiting and checking the tracking again and again….then I saw that it had been delivered, but not to my house… to Malta, Europe! I assumed, but then wondered if had been delivered to Malta, Austria..(that would have made more sense)

Weeks passed after contacting the seller a few times, still nothing. I opened a claim through paypal, but felt bad because it was not the seller’s fault it had been mis-delivered.

My hat that was posted from Arizona on September 10, finally arrived on October 16!

traveling hat

the black writing says ‘mis sent to Malta, Europe’

I removed the packaging slip of course, but above is the box my hat came in.

traveling hat

 traveling hat

Who knows how my package ended up in Europe! Especially that the packaging slip says Australia in bold and in bigger writing than the rest of the address!

Traveling HatMy beautiful new hat, I can’t wait to wear it in summer!


XO XO Eveyn