1920s fashion haul: Gatsby inspired dress and accessories

I don’t normally post ‘haul’ posts, but today is the exception. On Thursday after seeing The Great Gatsby at Village gold class with my mum, I did a little shopping and picked up some items that reminded me of 1920s fashion.

1920s fashionAs soon as I saw this headband I thought two things…1. that it looked ‘1920s’ and 2. got to have it! haha It’s not over the top with the bling, so won’t look like you’re going to a ’20s themed party. Unfortunately you can’t remove the jewels though (I thought it may have been like a brooch) The woman that served me said that they had just got these headbands in, the day I bought it.
Embelished headband $8.95 from Colette by Colette Hayman

1920s fashion1920s fashionI finally got around to buying some long pearl strands (I already have a pearl choker and short multi-strand necklace). When I picked these up in store I thought they were all attached, but when I took the cardboard tag off, I saw that they’re actually 3 separate necklaces! They are perfect for layering (as is), or doubling one over on it’s own.
Long beaded pearl necklace (the name is deceiving) from Lovisa- $16.99 for  3 necklaces, 2 with small beads and 1 with slightly larger beads

I also picked up two dresses from Ally fashion, I’m only showing one though because the other isn’t 1920s Fashion.

1920s fashionThis dress can be worn two ways, strapless (as pictured above) or with the included straps, that just hook on (like they do on convertible bras). I normally don’t like short dresses because of my thighs, but this one isn’t too bad. The hem sits just above my knees.
Scalloped sequin dress $15.95 marked down from $34.95! from Ally Fashion (no longer available)

1920s fashionDo you like 1920s fashion? what are your favourite 1920s style accessories?

There you go, this was my last post for my 5 days of Gatsby series. If you’ve come back to read them all, thank you! I really appreciate it.


The Great Gatsby movie review

I went to see The Great Gatsby with my mum yesterday, at Village Cinemas (Gold Class). I wasn’t going to do a review of the movie-because really I don’t think I can articulate my thoughts on movies well. Most of the time I will say “it was amazing” or “I loved it”…but I will try to write my Gatsby movie review the best I can.

gatsby movie reviewInstead of writing the standard review that basically goes through the movie from opening credits to the end credits, I thought I would list in ‘dot point’ form of what I liked the most about the film and my highlights. Warning-there will be some spoilers!

What I liked about the movie:

– The script and setting stayed fairly true to the novel. It was pretty much the novel from beginning to end (with the exception of Nick Carraway in the psychiatrist’s office)

 -Before I saw the film I had mixed feelings on the choice of soundtrack. Modern R&B on a movie set in the 1920’s? but it actually worked really well! Especially with some of the modern songs having a ’20s remix.

– While I think that it was unnecessary to release The Great Gatsby in 3D, there were some amazing moments worthy of being in 3D! The snow falling at the beginning of the movie (always beautiful in 3D), the camera moving across the water from ‘west egg’ to ‘east egg’ and when the sheer curtains are blowing in the summer wind, when Nick is at Daisy’s house.

-The costumes and the jewellery! As much as I thought the party scenes were a little over done (I imagined more refined parties, when I read the novel), the costumes certainly weren’t over done! The Tiffany and co. jewels looked amazing on the big screen and Carey Mulligan wore them well, with poise and elegance. You can check out the amazing collection here.

– Gatsby himself. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed the character of Jay Gatsby perfectly, just as I imagined the character to be. I don’t care what the critics have said, I loved how he delivered Gatsby’s catch phrase “Old Sport”

My highlights of the movie/ favourite scenes

– One of my favourite scenes (and favourite part of the book) was when Gatsby went over to Nick Carraway’s house for tea to meet Daisy, after not seeing her for 5 years. You see this different side of the character. Nervous, embarrassed and a little insecure. The dialogue that goes on between Nick and Gatsby, when Daisy is left alone in the living room is endearing. Nick tells Gatsby that Daisy is just as embarrassed as him and that he shouldn’t leave her a lone, it’s rude.

– The sweet and tender moments that Daisy and Gatsby shared together in the film. When they got past the nervousness at Nick’s, when they snuck away at one of Gatsby’s parties and when Daisy told Tom through her tear soaked cheeks, that she didn’t love him and that she had always loved Jay Gatsby, even when they (Daisy and Tom) were married)

-When Gatsby invited Nick and Daisy back to his mansion for a tour, my favourite part was when the piano player had woken up and Nick and Daisy were dancing (the Charleston) in the mansion’s grand foyer. while Gatsby watched on.


I hope you enjoyed reading my brief movie ‘review’, I loved the movie so much that I think I may see it again!

Tomorrow is the last day of my 5 days of Gatsby, it’s been harder than I thought to post everyday (this post is a day late!)