Valentine’s day – What about the single people?

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be depressing for single people. Some may pine for a past relationship, while others  wish they could find a special someone, just so they don’t have to spend V’Day alone…again.

What about the single people? Where is their “special day”?…and Birthdays don’t count, everyone has those!

That is why; I am now calling February 15th, ‘Singles day’.

February 15 is the day that single people can go out again without being subjected to -at least until the next Valentine’s day- the overly ‘loved-up‘ couples that think Valentine’s day means that they have to walk around all day attached to each other… and constantly kiss, nuzzle and/or hug each other. We get it! You are in love.

It is also a day where you can buy a ‘Valentine’s Day’ gift of flowers-cheap roses, heart shaped candy, chocolates etc. for yourself without paying the jacked up prices, that are there on and before February 14.

So, on February 15, all you single gals  out there go on and treat yourself. Go see a chick flick at Village Gold Class, go to a day spa ,  or buy those shoes you have been eying off since January, but couldn’t afford after all the money you spent on Christmas presents.

You deserve it! Just because you don’t have a man, doesn’t mean you are any less fabulous!

Xo Xo ♥ Cotton Candy Diva