Rimmel Provocalips review + My Celebrity kiss list

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I am getting back in to the swing of things with a Rimmel Provocalips review!

One of the newest lip products to hit Aussie shelves is the Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kiss proof lip colour. They come in 8 shades and retail for $17.95 each. Before I get into my review, I thought I would share my top 5 Celebrities, that I think are totally kissable

Rimmel’s latest campaign for Provocalips, ‘My Celebrity kiss list’ is creating quite the buzz among bloggers and beauty lovers! You can share yours too by heading to kisslist.com.au to create your Celebrity Kiss List. Upload and share to Instagram using @Rimmellondonau, #Mykisslist, for your chance to win a daily $100 ASOS voucher (Australian residents only)

My Celebrity Kiss List

rimmel provocalips review

In no particular order-1. Adam Levine 2. Ian Somerhalder 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Ian Harding 5. Hugh Jackman

I was pretty disappointed that the king of late night, Mr. Jimmy Fallon was not on Rimmel’s drop-down list…so I think he deserves a mention here!

rimmel provocalips review

Jimmy Fallon- Is he not handsome enough, people at Rimmel?? Just look at that face… he’s more than just a handsome face though! he’s funny, charming and an all ’round nice guy! Have I convinced you yet?

Oh…right, the review. I was distracted by handsome celebrity men on blog for a moment there…

Rimmel provocalips review

L-R: 110 Dare to Pink, 200 I’ll Call You, 310 Little Minx, 500 Kiss Me You Fool

I have done the swatches like this because these lipsticks are tough to remove and it would have taken me forever to swatch all 8 on my lips. I would imagine my lips would be quite chapped after it too!

Rimmel Provocalips review

L-R: 700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make Your Move, 230 Kiss Fatal, 550 Play With Fire

The whole long wear lipstick with a gloss/balm over the top isn’t a new concept and can be a little hit and miss, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Rimmel Provocalips.

I applied one at 9 am and it lasted almost 10 solid hours, before it started to crack/’peel’ off…and that was even after breakfast, lunch and cold and hot drinks, throughout the day!

The clear ‘gloss coat’ is not sticky at all! I think the texture is more like petroleum jelly and it feels more comfortable on the lips!

Final Verdict:

What I liked:

  • These lipsticks certainly go the distance! I was impressed with how long they stayed on without fading/peeling.
  • Great pigmentation and colour range.
  •  Feels comfortable with the gloss over the top, I almost forgot I was wearing it!
  • convenient applicator sponges. I have always favored doe-foot applicators (for liquid lipstick) than I have with brushes or straight from a tube. Less messy and you’re able to get a more even coverage.

What I didn’t like:

  • Could have been a lighter ‘nude’ shade, skinny dipping is more of a Latte colour.
  • Unfortunately when the ‘gloss’ wore off, it was a little uncomfortable on the lips, drying and you could really feel that you had something on your lips. This wasn’t a big problem because I would keep the lipstick in my bag, so I could reapply the gloss anyway.
  • They are very tough to get off and can be abrasive with trying to remove them with makeup wipes. Next time I will try an oil based makeup remover or my Micellar cleansing water and see how that works.

Don’t forget to share your Celebrity Kiss List! there only a few more chances to win an ASOS voucher (for $100)!


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