5 Days Of Gatsby: A week of 1920s themed posts

When I am anticipating a movie’s release, I tend to get a little obsessed with it (the fashion, makeup, setting etc.) and The Great Gatsby is no exception. There is so much to work with in terms of the movie’s 1920s theme, so I thought it would be fun to publish a 1920s themed post each day, for the 5 days to celebrate the movie’s Australian release.

5 Days of Gatsby

27/05/2013 Day 1: The Great Gatsby Inspired Gifts
Cocktails and bling were big in the roaring ’20s. Click the link above for some of my favourite gift ideas, fit for a Gatsby house party!
gatsby inspired gifts

28/05/2013 Day 2: Gatsby Nails: Classic 1920s Manicure
The 1920s saw the beginning of the ‘moon manicure’, back then both the base and the tip of the nails were left bare. Check out how to apply this manicure in the link above.
1920s manicure29/05/2013 Day 3: Sidecar Cupcake recipe: perfect for a Gatsby themed party
Adapted from a simple lemon cupcake recipe, these cupcakes contain ingredients used to make the Sidecar cocktail, that was often consumed during prohibition.
Gatsby31/05/2013  Day 4: The Great Gatsby movie review
This post is a day late because my mum and I got home late afternoon yesterday. I ran out of time to put a decent post together. It isn’t a very in-depth review, but does contain a few spoilers.
gatsby movie review

01/06/2013 Day 5: 1920s fashion haul: Gatsby inspired dress and accessories
Thursday after mum and I saw the movie, I did some shopping while mum had a coffee. I didn’t ditch her, she said her shoes were hurting and I was only intending to walk over to Chemist warehouse…anyway, I also picked up some 1920s/Gatsby inspired items.

1920s fashion

 There you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 days of Gatsby posts. I had fun putting them together!