Post spending ban wishlist

I have 14 days left of my 60 day (beauty) spending ban, so I thought it would make the homestretch a little easier if I made a post spending ban wishlist.

There would be no point in doing a spending ban, if I was going to go and buy a heap of stuff after it, so this is a wishlist of a couple of items I’ve had my eye on during my spending ban (and resisted) and a few more expensive items that I can save for.

Products I have resisted during the spending ban

post spending ban wishlist

1. Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in ‘Tok-I-O’- As soon as I saw this on Australis’ instagram, I knew that I had to have it! I own very few purple lip products, so this will be one of the first things I will buy post spending ban!
2. Maybelline Color Whisper in ’95 Mad For Magenta’- I bought one color whisper just before I started my spending ban, but didn’t actually wear it until a bit later. I loved it as soon as I wore it and knew I had to pick up another (or 2) after my spending ban.
3. Essie nail color in ‘Mint Candy Apple’- I have wanted this Essie shade since Priceline started selling the brand! Unfortunately every store I have been to, it is always sold out so I may be waiting a while to get my hands on this one!
4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse in ‘081 Fair Ivory’- A few weeks a go I saw the TV commercial for this foundation and saw that they have really pale shades. I thought ‘finally a drugstore brand that finally has a shade pale enough for me!’ and when I swatched them last week…I was so excited by this product! This was the hardest product not to buy during my spending ban! I could easily wear fair ivory or ivory (they’re very close in shades, Ivory is a tiny bit darker)
5. Concealer (not pictured)- I was looking for concealer the other day and realised that I don’t have any…at all! The last one I had started to smell funny, so I threw it out.

Products that I want to save money for

post spending ban wishlist

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-con No.7- Plush Shadow in ‘The Tease 202’- When I heard that Marc Jacobs was releasing a beauty line, I was excited to check the products out. Unfortunately (as far as I know) they aren’t available in Australia, so if I want something I will have to use a mail forwarding service from Sephora. I love the look of this palette, but because using a mail forwarding service can be expensive, I may not ever own this….unless I decide to do a large order from Sephora.
2. Nars blushes in ‘Gaiety and Luster’- I have wanted these blushes for ages, but can’t justify paying $45 (from Mecca Cosmetica) for just one blush, although I may eventually get one or both from KissandmakeupNYC for $29 each. Which I think is still a lot to pay for just one blush!
3. Benefit Count Down To Love advent calender- I really want this, but as it’s $99 here in Australia, I will have to really cut back on my beauty spending if I do get it.

I didn’t end up posting a FOTD Friday post yesterday, but I will update you one my spending ban progress. I am happy to say that I did not buy any makeup/beauty product since last Friday! (despite looking at makeup stands in a few different stores last week)