Spring Fashion Trends 2014

We are about half way through Spring here in Australia and with the weather finally warming up a bit in Victoria, I thought I would share some of my favourite Spring Fashion trends for 2014.

White was one of the main trends during Winter/Autumn this year and I am happy to see that it’s sticking around for Spring/Summer once again (it was also a trend in Spring/Summer 2013). White worn close to your face is flattering on anyone and because it reflects the light/heat, it’s much cooler on warmer days too. Below are some of my new season picks for the ‘White’ trend.

1. Bronte Structured Tote in White: $49.95 from Colette by Colette Hayman
2. Hester lace peplum cami top- Porcelain: $39.99 from Forever New
3. Cadet Heels in White Leather: $169.95 from Wittner Shoes
4. Enamel Waterfall Earrings in White: $9.95 from Colette by Colette Hayman
5. Runway to Rack Full Skirt in White: $89 from Target

Many shades of blue are popping up for spring 2014: Navy, china blue and cornflower blue are just a few of them. We all know what Navy blue looks like, but in case you didn’t know… I would describe China blue as being a mid-toned powder-blue and cornflower blue is a medium-to-light blue, also the colour of the petals on cornflower blooms. Check out some of my favourite pieces below.

spring fashion trends

1. Floral Print Wrap Neck Peplum Dress: $39.99 from Ally Fashion
2. City Dressing Drape Front Top in Blue: $35 from Target
3. Mars platform heel in Cobalt: $69.95 from Novo Shoes
4. Jasmine Day Bag in Dusk Blue: $69.99 from Forever New

Floral print
Anything that has a floral print is a bit of a no-brainer for Spring. From vintage florals in delicate hues to large bright and bold statement prints. Have a go at mixing different prints, perhaps a top with a small print paired with a larger graphic print skirt.

spring fashion trends1. Kylie Heels- Pastel Floral: $89.99 from Betts
2. Twist Maxi Dress- Watercolour Floral: $59 from Target
3. Andrea Printed Wrap Skirt- Wild Orchid Print: $79.99 from Forever New

I have always loved a good polka dot print and I actually own a lot of dotty clothing. What is great about this trend, is that there are many different prints/ways to wear dotty print clothing: Large spots, small spots, monochrome and even mixing them with stripes!

spring fashion trends1. Sorbet Spot Top in Blue bell: $139.99 from Review
2. City Dressing 7/8 Sateen Pants- Spot: $40 from Target
3. Rebecca Polka Dot Prom Dress in Lake Blue/Porcelain Spot: $99.99 from Forever New
4. Marilyn Peep-toe heel in Hot Pink: $79.95 from Novo Shoes

What trends are you loving this Spring?


Spring Daisy Nail art

Happy Spring! As today is the first day of spring (yippee), I decided to post a simple spring Daisy nail art tutorial.
spring daisy nail artCheck out the ‘infographic’ below

spring daisy nail art1. Paint your nails in your chosen base colour, I have gone with Maybelline Color show nail colour in 180 Crushed candy. I think the white really stands out against the pink. Let me just mention, I think this is my favourite of all the color show shades! It’s fuchsia, with a subtle shimmer to it. I applied two coats because it is a little sheer.

2. Add a yellow dot to the center of each nail. I used Maybelline Color show in 230 Fierce ‘n tangy (love the name!)

3. Then using a toothpick dipped in white polish ( Maybelline color show in 380 Porcelain Party) carefully press the side of it (the toothpick) on to the nail starting from the yellow dot and drag outwards. Continue all the way around until you have a complete flower.

4. If you accidentally got some white on top of the yellow (as I did), put another yellow dot on top to fix it.

5. Seal your design with a coat of clear polish.

You can purchase all the Maybelline color show polishes on the Priceline website


disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I recently won a competition where I received the entire collection of Maybelline Color show nail colours and I thought I would create a nail art tutorial using them.