Kiss Goodbye to MS this May

There may be just over a week left in May, but that does not mean that it is too late to help Kiss goodbye to MS! (Multiple Sclerosis)

An estimated 21,000 Australians have Multiple Sclerosis,the disease being more common in woman than men (3:1).


What is MS?

” A simple explanation is conveyed by the term itself. Sclerosis is a Greek word meaning “hardened tissue or scars” and multiple means many. Recurring episodes of MS can cause many scars to appear in the central nervous system as a result of the breakdown of the myelin, the insulating material that covers the nerve fibres. This can result in impairment of motor, sensory and cognitive functions to a greater or lesser extent.” (MS Australia)

What is Kiss Goodbye to MS?

Kiss Goodbye To MS is an initiative to encourage people living with MS, their friends, family and work colleagues to raise much needed funds for the research into finding a cure and services for people living with MS.

During the month of May you can wear red lipstick, dare someone else to ‘go red’ or share the message by holding your own event at work, community group, or with friends.

I had big ideas of holding my own Blogger event for the cause, but unfortunately time just got away from me. However, I will be donating this year and I hope to organise a blogger event for Kiss Goodbye To MS in May 2013! It will give me months to organise it, instead of just weeks.

If you are not comfortable in wearing red lipstick every day in May, there’s a great range of merchandise on the Kiss Goodbye To MS site, including badges, pens, key rings and even a gorgeous umbrella (pictured below).

Kiss Goodbye To MS Umbrella $25 AUD

On May 30, 2012 it is World MS Day. You can also wear red on that day (clothes or lips), or wear a ‘kiss’ on your collar, with a pin or sticker from

I will be wearing my red lippy on May 30, will you?

For more information on Kiss Goodbye To MS head to

XO XO Cotton Candy Diva

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